Final Fantasy XIV, Totally Overhauled, Is Now Called A Realm Reborn

Square Enix is rebuilding Final Fantasy XIV in a project that has now been rebranded "A Realm Reborn," the publisher said today.

Previously called "Version 2.0," this will be the next incarnation of Square's massively multiplayer online game, which has been modified quite a bit since it first came out last year.


    Ah - but the question remains... Is it still boring?

      I hope not... If it's actually good now, I'll go renew my subscription and play the s*** out of it.

        I had such high hopes for FFXIV - I had pre-order and everything. Thankfully - the open beta swayed me, I still remain hopeful for this make over ;)

    Versus or nothing.

    Great random prerendered animations guys, how about showing me the game if you want a chance of getting my money.

    ohhh nice! Its coming to the PS3

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