"God Mode" Exploit Found In Diablo III, Makes Players Invincible

A loophole has reportedly been found in Diablo III that can, in effect, make you invincible. Which for a game that has a real-money auction house attached to it could be a bit of a problem.

While it only works for the Wizard class, there's apparently no restriction on which game mode (normal or harder) you use. The exploit renders a few effects inactive, but on the flipside, well, you'll be invulnerable.

A poster on the Blizzard forums says to active the exploit, you need to do the following:

Step 1: Select Teleport - Fracture. Bind it to a key

Step 2: Select Archon, tested with Improved Archon

Step 3: Hover your mouse over or near your charcter

Step 4: Press Teleport

Step 5: QUICKLY(!) Press Archon

Note that, given the consequences of letting people run around without fear of dying while picking up items they can sell for actual money, Blizzard will likely be working super fast to get this fixed.


Gamebreaking Godmode Bug. Oh wait, game's already broken anyway [Chango99]

GOD MODE - Be Totally Invulnerable Forever - Diablo 3 Wizard Exploit/Bug [YouTube, via NeoGAF]


    Because if there's one thing Blizzard is good at, it's fixing issues in Diablo 3....

    I stand by my previous theory. This is a test by Activision to see how much bullshit gamers will endure for the sake of a Skinner Box.

    Kind of glad they found this BEFORE hardcore PVP was live.

    Sad because it is likely there are other issues like this lurking - and that this will now be used to spawntroll HC games.

    Just tried it.. doesn't work.

      Try again William, this time circling your cursor rapidly around your character (like right around the middle of your character) while you do it.

    Blizzard have a tendancy to ban people who use exploits like this...Probably would've been worth mentioning in the article that tells people how to do it...

      I'm glad they didn't mention it, It could lead to people realizing they can ban you from playing a single player game.

        Yeah, and then you wouldn't be able to take advantage of the associated quality control, social features, and access to the the auction house!

        Diablo 3 is very clearly NOT a single player game. It's a multiplayer game that people can play on their own if they so wish. You're still very much connected to the multiplayer infrastructure though. The whole 'single player game' argument is invalid, and to keep harping on about it is bitching for the sake of it.

          You, sir, missed the joke. The sarcasm used in PiratePete's post, as well as the friendly reply being sarcastic, should have raised red flags for you here. Your closed-minded defence of D3 has made you look silly.
          But yeah, I regard this as a single-player/Co-op game. Personally I find it more enjoyable playing alone (1. I always played diablo 1+2 alone in the past, 2. the latency issues when another player enters my game makes my play experience goddamn f**king deplorable, 3. everyone that joins is multiple levels above me and ruins my play experience by making me redundant).
          So glad I paid nothing for this game, it's been letdown after laughable f**k-up after stupid idea. I can't believe they ended up with this as the final product...

      No they don't. They only ban people who use third party program's to exploit the game. When they find a bug exploit of their own doing, they just patch it. Lots of "exploits" have been patched so far.

        Yes... They do. There was an item duplication exploit people were using a while back w/o the use of a third party program and blizzard banned everyone who used it.

    If you're in Oz, Playing Diablo 3 is one of the most pointless exercises you could perform. Horrible lag which spikes at the worst times resulting in broken gear, which thanks to Blizzards increase of repair costs make playing in Inferno impossible for us for Aussies. I gave it up ages ago, but I am sure many are still enjoying it.

      "I gave it up ages ago"

      Those were the only words I needed to read. You mean in the launch period of the fastest selling PC game in history, the servers were a little unstable and spiky? How dare they!

      It's been completely smooth for me as of a month ago, haven't gone over 250ms at all.

    D3 runs fine with 4 players for myself and my mates. And I'm in rural Aus.

    The god mode exploit works if you put your curser where your illusions would spawn. And you can change your skills after it's enabled.

    Incoming bans because Blizzard let a bug get through design. What a bad joke.

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