Halo 4 Multiplayer, As Played By A Halo Pro

There aren't many video game series where I care more about the multiplayer than the main campaign, but Halo is one of them, and that's partly because I love Halo multi, but also because I'm pretty engaged with the Halo competitive scene. This video shows off multiple new features destined for Halo 4, including promothean vision, and it's played by one of the best Halo pros to ever pick up a controller, Neighbour.

I'm expecting plenty of you won't really like the commentary, but I actually enjoyed it, particularly because it provides some interesting info on how the spawn system may or may not work.

It looks as though 343 is really going for it with multiplayer this time round. Its really attempting to redefine a lot of the key aspects of Halo as a game, which worries me, but also excites me. Can't wait to get hands on with it.


    Still annoyed that they took out health and took a step back with the sheild, and also adding in bleedthrough. I'm also worried that the AR will become a niche, close range weapon.

    Hopefully they'll realise that people are getting tired of niche playlists. No AAs, BR only, Final Destination. That was the problem with Reach, very few could actually adapt to the game.

      Actually, everything you've mentioned is what the fans have ASKED for. The removal of health, the re-addition of bleed through, and making the assault rifle a worthwhile weapons. I, for one, appreciate the changes.

      THANK GOD they're taking out the health system. The health system is so stupid in Reach. Step back with the shield? How....not sure about bleedthrough.

    looks like they are doing what cod did, new perks, new guns, new maps...
    basically its the same game as reach...

      Uhhhh...no, it's pretty much completely new.

    I just hope that players can drop in and out of games, because halo seems to be the only multiplayer game where you can't do this. It means no more playing 6 v 1 after your team quit, with no hope of reinforcements.

      Yes, you can drop in and out of games, that was announced a while back.

    thankgod someone good is playing. i hate watching horrible casuals play games.

      Oh wow, I can't even visit Kotaku without hearing that crap?

        Reach is garbage. Waypoint kid.

    I see the crosshair is still in the wrong position. WTF is with that?

    i hate this stupid power up crap. Fuck it off, everyone has done it.

    It's been done to death and its ruining the classic halo gameplay style, i own every game in the halo franchise other than ODST. I have to say while reach had some better changes (Health and better armour options) The whole jet pack and especially armour lockup thing was an interesting take, but i found it ruined the gameplay over all. Not happy about this crap.

    I actually like the armor abilities. Maybe this time around, it'll give more casual players like me a chance to actually do something, rather than die instantly when they get within 100 yards of someone who is really competitive and puts hours and hours into it.

    No, I can't do it! That voice... It's awful.

    Also, couldn't help but notice that this "pro" purposefully fired a few pistol rounds into another player's corpse after killing them. What a dick. I stopped watching at about 2 minutes. I assume he progressed to teabagging by the end?

    yuo lassi

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