King Of Kong Director Set To Make Movie About Video Game Villains Come To Life

King Of Kong Director Set To Make Movie About Video Game Villains Come To Life

Adam Sandler is currently looking to star in Pixels, a movie based on a short film released in 2010 (posted above) about video game villains come to life. ‘Make it stop, this is my worst nightmare,’ I hear you say. But what if it was Directed by Seth Gordon, the man behind King of Kong? Would that make you feel better?

Pixels is being handled by Happy Madison, the production company run by Adam Sandler — which doesn’t bode well for the movie — but hiring someone like Gordon to Direct seems like a step in the right direction. Apparently the team is looking to replicate a Ghostbusters vibe, which also sounds promising.

Time will tell of course. I don’t necessarily dislike Adam Sandler — I actually enjoy plenty of his movies — but he’s definitely made some duds. With the right director this movie could end up being pretty awesome.

‘King of Kong’ Helmer Seth Gordon Taking ‘Pixels’ for Happy Madison? [First Showing]


  • Question: Did Adam Sandler simply stop being funny, or did everyone just realise he wasn’t funny in the first place?

    • I think th rest of the world grew up and he didn’t.
      For no sinister reason, I talk with a lot of teenagers and they think he’s hilarious, much like I did at their age. He’s found a demographic and continues to appeal to it, unfortunately, whoever does promotions seems to target a different demo than him, creating disappointment

      • I still think Billy Madison, Happy Gilmore and the wedding singer are legitimately funny. The recent films have focused on the lame parts of those three.

  • I can tell you now this will be horrible. And just because a Director has worked on a video game style movie before, doesn’t mean squat

  • Sounds intriguing, I hope that this is as good as King of Kong, fantastic doco and narrative, if the director does as good a job, my bets are on that this won’t be such a bad movie. The Adam Sandler aspect has me concerned though, his films are really hit & miss for me

  • I think adam sandler has some ok movies, he doesnt really change though, tough guy with hot mrs

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