Lionhead: Milo Is Now A Wizard

Milo & Kate became a bit of a running joke after its E3 showing during E3 2009, but I remember being completely blown away when it was first unveiled, and feeling disappointment when the project was cancelled. Well, according to Gary Carr, creative director at Lionhead, Milo lives on! Some of the tech used in the demo has been migrated across to Fable: The Journey.

"He lives on in Fable. He's now little wizard," he said, in an interview with Games Industry International.

According to Carr, Milo was roughly 40 per cent finished when the project was cancelled, which disappointed many at the studio.

"He is around in tech form," said Carr. "But it is a shame, because I think it was really brave and different and interesting.

"There is just something about Lionhead that makes this wacky thinking about what we want to do next. The Milo thing, so many companies wouldn't do that. Wouldn't say right, we're going to try and make a living breathing virtual boy, and we don't care what you think about that."

I have no idea why Milo was cancelled — maybe the tech was holding it back, maybe Microsoft couldn't see the market. Maybe the whole thing was just way too creepy, but I loved the concept, and the weirdness of it.


    good news!

    also, I like when Kotaku articles are this length. I don't have the time to finish those fricken thesis-length articles you guys write sometimes haha.

      Hahahaha! I try and be balanced... working on a thesis sized article at the moment though!

        Conversely, we also appreciate it when they're more than 2 lines and actually explain the content of the article rather than "okay here's the link".

    I vote for the creepy option, should've been an E.T.-like alien instead of a little kid. :P

    this is awesome, i would buy this just out of curiosity, pity its now cancelled.

    Can I build bridges with his tears? That's the main thing.

    milo is so fake and the drawing is laminated

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