Meet Borderlands 2's Craziest New Character

Oh, Tiny Tina. We're practically like sisters. You're tiny, I'm tiny. You're named Tina, I'm named Tina. You were born in a ravaged Pandora, surviving on your own and getting your kicks out of exploding bandits and I... oh that's where the similarities stop.

Meet a newly-revealed NPC that will send you on a quest to co-host the most awesome, explodey tea party there ever was. Be sure to hit my impressions for the full details, like who the special guest star is that voices Tiny Tina.

She's got quite the personality. Take a look at the video above to get a glimpse of it, and be warned that it's only a fraction of the ridiculously dark yet oddly quirky character you'll meet when the game releases on September 18.


    I already hate her


        yup same here

      Tell her I hate her.

    Wow, annoying much?

    shes so cute omg ;___;

    I kind of miss the gratuitous cartoon violence of the first one. Excessive cartoon violence just isn' t same.

    It's Ash Burch of Hey Ash.

    This game is becoming way too much like anime for my liking. Gearbox should allow players to customise the appearance of their own character, these premade characters are teh suck.

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