The Best Borderlands 2 DLC Is Yours For Free

The Best Borderlands 2 DLC Is Yours For Free
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Do you like free things? They’re certainly a lot cheaper than expensive things, I find. A free thing you could have right now is Borderlands 2’s original Tiny Tina DLC, up on the Epic Game Store now as a standalone expansion (for which the correct name is “expandalone”). The idea is to get you all excited about next year’s Tina Tina’s Wonderland.

I’ll be honest, it’ll take an awful lot to get me excited to play more Borderlands. The original 2009 game was a refreshing approach to four-player co-op, with a then-novel graphical style, but wow did its “humour” get tiring fast. I had some fun with chums, until the whole thing just felt exhausting.

The first sequel just seemed like a lot more of the same, only now with way too much undeserved confidence. Remember that dubstep trailer? “96.5% MORE WUB WUB.” Brrrr. Yeah. To me it always felt like the video game embodiment of Randy Pitchford doing a magic trick at a gaming event.

But maybe you loved it? And maybe you loved Borderlands 3 even more, and have been dangling from the ceiling with excitement waiting for next March’s Wonderland. Or, as is very possible, the promo material for Wonderland has you pondering a return to the franchise? (For which the correct name is “Ponderland.”)

Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon Keep was the best-received piece of Borderlands 2 DLC, so it’s a smart move to repackage it as its own shorter game. While the character was in Borderlands 3 (though called just Tina that time), it’s been a not-inconsiderable seven years since she was last the focus.

If you want to play the game on PlayStation, Xbox, or on PC via Steam, it’ll cost you a not-bad $US10 ($14). However, pick it up on the Epic Games Store before the 16th, and you can have it on PC for nada.

Meanwhile, Tiny Tina’s Wonderland is set for March 25, next year. So expect it to release around May.



  • Can’t believe I agree with John Walker about something.
    Borderlands 2 was a bit insufferable compared to the first game but boy Tina was by far the worst part of the whole series. Absolutely awful.

  • Borderlands 2 is the best in the series. The storyline was great and the DLC’s were for the most part really good. Except Hammerlocks. That was really boring.

    Tina’s DLC was an absolute blast with the D&D Sci Fi mashup it made.

    The humor in number 2 was also much better than 1. BL3 on the other hand is a bit meh but still alot of fun as a shooter and at least this time the hammerlock DLC is interesting with its whole Cthulu vibe going on.

    The Australian humor in Pre-Sequel is hit and miss though. Overall I enjoyed it but I didn’t like the DLC for it much.

    I’m really surprised you think 1 was better than 2 though considering most people actually think 2 is the best in the series.

    • Yeah the pre-sequel was a bit cheesy, but the mission where you retrieved cricket ball to unlock the cricket outfit was 10/10. Also had the best music intro of the series.

  • Loved this when it was the original DLC and highly recommend it to anyone who loves Borderlands and is looking forward to Wonderlands.

  • BL2 is of course an incredible game and one of my absolute favourites in one of the best ever years for gaming (2012), as well as being considered the best of the series. I could never not be excited for more Borderlands and Tina’s game will be a big breath of fresh air for the series just as the DLC was for BL2 itself, the premise is simply irresistible and ripe for content.

  • Only just picked up a current Humble Bundle that includes the Borderlands: Handsome Collection. Borderlands scratches my run and gun itch but god I hate vehicle missions in these games.

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