Microsoft Spent Millions To Bring Halo 4 To Life

The upcoming Halo 4 live-action series will cost between $US5 million and $US10 million to produce, reports the Los Angeles Times today in an excellent new feature about Microsoft's ambitious new project.

Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn, which will preview this Thursday at Comic Con and launch October 5, is a prequel that recreates the first invasion of the game's enemy alien force, the Covenant. Unlike the now-dead Halo film, Forward Unto Dawn is actually happening: it was produced and shot earlier this year in Vancouver, Canada.

"We want this piece to do all the things that a game, by virtue of being a game, can't," ex-Warner Bros and current Forward Unto Dawn exec Lydia Antonini said to the Los Angeles Times. "When you have real people, you can have real stakes and make connections."

The series, which stars Canadian actor Daniel Cudmore, will be broken up into five 15-minute segments that will eventually be combined with extra footage to make a 90-minute feature film.

"It's really important to us that this is a stand-alone product that can make money on its own," said Matt McCloskey, director of franchise business management for Halo 4 developer 343.

Check out the article for more photos of the upcoming series.

‘Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn' will be the first ‘Halo' movie [LA Times]


    That photo looks like a bunch of motorcross riders with paintball guns

      Not sure what to expect, this is Halo 4... a sci-fi ACTION franchise and they think they can make a 90 minute live-action movie with $5 million? I don't even think I can film a decent indie movie with 0 effect shots, on $5 million.

      To put in perspective, even with cost-cutting, HBO's Game of Thrones winds up costing $5-6 million per episode. Duncan Jones's Moon was $5 million but had a main cast of... one, and a single, miniscule set. $5 million for a 90 minute Halo movie? No wonder the costumes are already looking cheap.

    The footage I've seen so far on Machinima looks great.
    Hopefully it gets enough capital to become an on going series.

    This is going to be better than Wing Commander!

    Well that's a bit of a juvenile way to treat games. “When you have real people, you can have real stakes and make connections.” You could do that in games also if you hired writers who could actually write, implemented story that was actually story and not just a set up of a map with guns and had voice actors that actually acted instead of just reading scripts in different tones.

      Forgot to add that I am really looking forward to this. :p

        well that's ok then... makes up for being a tool.

    So while it may have messed up the opportunity to turn Halo into a multi million-dollar theatrical movie success, but the highly successful Xbox shooter franchise will be getting transformed into a live-action masterpiece nevertheless.

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