New Borderlands 2 Trailer Trades Wub Wub For Lion King

New Borderlands 2 Trailer Trades Wub Wub For Lion King

The newest trailer for Borderlands 2 emphasises the first-person, role-playing game’s sillier side. But even while sporting a South African-bred song that later moved on to The Lion King licensing, the action-packed trailer manages to showcase just how exciting combat can be in Gearbox’s upcoming sequel.

This is partially due to some fancy assassin moves courtesy of Zero, or Maya’s awesome Siren abilities. Or maybe it’s the many gun manufacturer’s crazy weapon concoctions. Either way, it’s reflective of the dual personality Borderlands is all about: crazy fun and crazy silly. And I can’t wait for more on September 18.

Be sure to check back tomorrow for some new impressions by yours truly.


  • It would be just as accurate to say “New Borderlands 2 Trailer Trades Wub Wub for Ace Venture: When Nature Calls” or any number of other movies that licensed this song for use.

    • True. But it’s also true (subjectively) that this is an improvement.

      That being said. I think the most fun I had on the first one was actually my friends and I trolling each other in those crazy buggies. Looking forward to their return.

      The cars, not my friends.

      I mean I’m looking forward to my friends return too but I was referring to my the car thingys (who may or may not also be my friends.)

      • haha, Imagining a giant Godzilla-esque creature speaking this comment out loud just made my day.

  • I can’t wait for this to come out… had so much fun going through the last one with my mates.

    It’ll be hard to tear myself away from battlefield but this will be the game to do it.

  • The only issue I’m having is choosing which class to play. They all look so amazing.

    • Agreed. The lack of Helpful Alien Bird(tm) is disappointing, so I think I’ll skip Zero and play as Maya, but they really are all very cool.

  • That trailer is pretty cool. Good shots of characters, set locations, weapons, skills, mobs. And Kooky music choice.

    Cannot wait for September.

    • Mine isn’t. I’m anticipating some kind of excitement-fuelled heart attack when I finally open that box.

  • Heh. I never buy “Triple-A mainstream titles” as soon as they launch because I don’t care about catching the bandwagon, but for Borderlands I may make an exception. The original was, for its humour and style alone, one of my favourite FPS games ever and it looks like they’re taking everything up to 11 for the sequel.

    • Also, the bit where Lillith unexpectedly unfurled herself in the full glory of her Phoenix power made me just a bit hard.

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