Nintendo Cuts Plug Prices

In Japan, Nintendo is not selling the 3DS XL with an AC adaptor. According to Japanese site Famicom Plaza, Nintendo is cutting the price from ¥1500 ($19) to ¥1000 ($13). [Famicom Plaza]


    I clicked to read the rest of the article, but it must've hidden somewhere. *looks around*

    *sees Bashcraft sitting on the couch*


      And how much more detail was required? Would you like to know what the plug was made of? Would you like to know how much it costs in Brazil? Would you like to know exactly what was said in each meeting about the plug, both in the original Japanese, then translated to French, then to English?

      Sometimes, you only need a few lines to get the news out. Sometimes it's just about the news.

        I'd like to know if we are getting the same thing in other regions actually

          We aren't, we get the plug outside Japan.

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