PS Vita Defect Isn't To Blame For Overheating Incidents, Says Sony

Since going on sale in Japan last December, there have been 31 incidents in which the PS Vita overheated, rendering the machines inoperable. As of early June, 23 of those incidents were in Japan, while 8 of them were abroad. Thankfully, no one has been injured.

In these incidents, the PS Vita has overheated and apparently burned while charging. According to Sony, a manufacturing defect is not to blame and there are no plans for a recall. Sony believes that either liquids or foreign materials entering the charging slot seem to be the cause.

Yomiuri Online reports that the National Institue of Technology and Evaluation, a body from the Japan's Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, is investigating the issue.

PSヴィータ焼損31件、ソニー「欠陥でない」 [Yomiuri Online]


    "Check store stock" Out of stock Out of stock Out of stock Out of stock...

    They should have anticipated that stuff like dust will get into the charging socket. That's still their problem. Other companies wouldn't be palming this off as 'not our problem'. Then again Sony is probably the most ignorant company in the world, so...

    I would say that they mean someone has spilt something on the vita or there is materials other than dust that have been introduced to the charging slot.

    According to Sony the unit has sold over 1.2 million units so eight units that have had problems doesn't seem to be a concern to me.

    Could it be the NYKO grip ? Because that grip has extra battery pack in it and it takes a staggering of 8 hours to be completely charged . Though , you will get plenty of gameplay time with that grip , about 8 to 9 hours .

    31 Units? That's bloody half of the Vitas sold!

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