This First-Person Medieval Game Continues To Look Terrific

We've been tracking Chivalry for a while now, mostly because there's a chance it may actually get first-person melee combat right. Something no game in history has really managed.

This new trailer explains a little more how the game's (well, mod...that's Half-Life 2 running under the hood up top) take on First-Person Melee (FPM...can I trademark that?) is actually going to work, and while it still looks a wee bit stilted, the big battles you start to see around the 0:35 second mark look great.

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    Um mount and blade got melee combat right

      Downloading the Demo now! :)

        M+B warband is the best, so much fun playing that game.

        this mod looks promising, but yeah M&B did melee combat right, and War of Roses looks to be following in their footsteps too.

      can you play that in first person!? :\

      Na it didnt, it was soooooo glitchy, buggy, felt weird and was a very very simple click of the mouse.

      But I still love the Mount & Blade games

        That's cause your playing on easy. Turn the difficulty up and the
        direction you swing /block in is dependent on how you move the
        mouse as you click. Nothing more satisfying than charging down the
        enemy with 50 riders at your back with lance couched!

    - In their first Dev Blog, they say "thank's to the technology in the Unreal Engine..." Is this Source or Unreal?

    "there’s a chance it may actually get first-person melee combat right. Something no game in history has really managed."
    did anyone else think dead island did a pretty good job on analogue controls?

      It uses the Unreal Engine -

    By the looks of it it's just a prettier Mount and Blade.

    Mount & Blade is broken, so terribly broken... love the game but damn it's hard to stay committed without such an active modding community

    I enjoyed the first person melee combat in Dark Messiah, it was fun.

    comments above already mentioned that Mount and Blade got it right and I can safely guess that it uses the same system as Mount and Blade.

    Another point is that Mount and Blade isn't about the graphics, Gameplay is its focus, so while the graphics aren't your uncharted, it means you can have 100v100 battles, low latency and it really works. Now Paradox the publishers of Mount and Blade are funding a 3rd person only high graphic online focused mount and blade game, tho the cod class systems is a turn off but graphics also mean meagre 12v12 or maybe 32 players like this game, which appears to be the same but first person only. So it will be interesting to see how these are recieved and whether graphics > gameplay is really the movement forward. Because I would be happy with worst graphics for 200v200 or 500v500 battles. Because Scale is everything in this era.

    The "glory of a medieval battle" involves more than 32 players.

    Looks fun anyway.

    Looks fun but moving around during combat seems a bit too quick/fluid.

    Out of the four movies he mentioned as being medieval, only one of them actually was.

    M'deval. M'deval. I've never understood why Americans say it that way.

    The first of these games that gets a heavy game of thrones mod will be my pick. Hacking lanisters up close m personal would be sweet

    I beg to differ sir, Dark Messiah's first person combat was fantastic, and Zeno Clash was also pretty rad.

    Run forward, swing, side-step, run back. Repeat...

    So why is this different to Skyrim or M&B?

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