This Insane Ken Block Video Makes Me Nostalgic For Project Gotham Racing

This incredible driving video is intended, I'm sure, to promote Ken Block and the zillions of sponsors he has — including the video game DiRT Showdown — but all I can think of, whilst watching this insane display of skill, is Project Gotham Racing!

I'm sure that's not the intent, but it's the excuse I'm using to post this video. I don't know, every time he pulls off a ridiculous drift, or drives insanely close to walls, I keep seeing a 'Kudos' counter moving rapidly upwards in my head. I'm sure Codemasters would much prefer me to be thinking of DiRT Showdown — which features Ken Block of course — but I can't help myself.

Anyway, that's just waffle. The point of this post is this — you should probably watch this video, because it's like video game driving in real life. I hate cars. And I don't even like driving games that much, but... wow.


    I would give anything to be in the passenger seat of Blocks car while he's beasting it up.

      Replace the seat with a toilet, and I think I may be fine.

    I couldnt agree more. How good was the Project Gotham Series, I still play the third installment on the 360 now. It would be great to see another PGR...

    May Bizarre Creations rest in peace. Still Love PGR and Blur.

    Ahhh, Ken Block. The guy that couldn't make it in the Rally circuit now makes heavily edited and choreographed 'action' videos. Sure, it's impressive, but thats the result of many many takes and clever editing.

      The fact that he is even in WRC is a feat with in itself. He's the only American currently in WRC.

      I'm not the biggest Ken Block fan in the world but show some respect boy!

      Besides, there's only so many takes you can make on closed San Fran highways before they're wanting to open it back up to the public again.

      Block's been making these Gymkhana ads for DC years before he started his WRC career.

      I used to think,'This dude would rip in WRC'. Then he started and he sucked, but maybe once he's got more experience he'll come good...

      So where's your multi-sponsored, million-dollar rally car Alistair.?

      What? You haven't got one? Oh... I just assumed so seeing as though you can ridicule someone so easily. My mistake.

    How do they have that much of the city blocked off? I couldn't see anything that suggested it was an F1 course like Gold Coast.

      Because it is effectively a MASSIVE tourism campaign for San Fran. It shows off all these cool things except he is there ripping it up.

    I mean placing well in the WRC would be nice, but the dude owns DC Shoes. It's not really as if rally is paying his bills.

      He is the Cbo and co creator of DC, quicksilver owns DC since he sold years back :) now he gets paid to Gymkhana, Rally and promote :)

    Ah, Ken Block driving his hideous little car around the world desperately in search of a way to become relevant.

      He owns DC shoes! Seems relevant to me.

      And what shoe company do you own?

      Haha haters gonna hate, Internet smash talking caus your such a ruthless bastard... Loserrrrr

    I like it and considering just how good WRC drivers really are ...... there's not that many people in the world who really cut it !
    Doesn't matter how good you think you are or how much training you have, if you're not the top two percent in the world there's no room for you , even those in the two percent fight like hell to stay in a seat !

    Shouldnt this remind you of Driver San Francisco?

      Reminds me of SF Rush on the N64, but maybe I'm just old.

      Haha just what I was thinking. Itching to get home and take an RS200 to those streets now!

      That's all I could think of, since a lot of it you see in the game!

    That Fiesta is a Monster (Pun intended).

    The end of the video says "Please hoon responsibly". Like, drive as quickly as you can, but not around schools? Seems somewhat of a contradiction in terms.
    Heavily edited, obviously, but the point is he successfully pulled off each of those maneuvers at least once - and for that, I raise my hat.

    Who cares if its edited the fact he can drive like a pro is one thing that i cannot do haha.

    I see at least 5 lots of tyre marks, Seb would of done it in one take :P.

    Great vid either way.

      Oh and I bet Seb Loeab doesn't get invited back to the X Games after making them all look bad.

        Loeb, stupid fingers

          Loeb is boring, he can win everything and still make me fall asleep you know nothing about rally because Ken actually beat him in qualifying and so did Pastrana, at any rate Colin McRae only won one wrc title and will be remembered a lot longer than spoilt snail eating Loeb

    Multi-takes = meh.
    Single take = wow.
    And what a ricer.

      Totally agree multi takes massive meh, single take wow..

      Not entirely sure a 650hp Ford is 'ricer'..

      River? And I'm sure your mums corolla you drive in gran turismo is soooo much better, you massive vagina

    As cool as that was, I think the work he did on Top Gear was cooler:

    Maybe not quite as long, but a lot less editing, some bonus dirt bike wizardry, and it was filmed by one of the best (if not the best) car cinematography crews in the world.

      Ah I remember that, was so awesome.

    What up amigo, you should totally upload that sick video to youtube dawg!

    ah Dirt.

    im a heavy truck driver in nsw i wish i could do his stunts with my prime mover

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