This Video Game Studio Says No One Can Taste The Difference Between Coke And Pepsi

Oh come on. Come on. Who can't taste the difference between Coke and Pepsi? Coke is drier and Pepsi is sweeter and... fizz...ier? For real, there is a complete and total difference between the two soft drinks, one that developers at Double Fine failed to recognise with any consistency. Come on.

Apparently bored with counting money from their landmark Kickstarter funding, Double Fine (Psychonauts, Brütal Legend) ran its own Coke/Pepsi taste test last week, documenting the results on its official website.

"Participant convictions towards their capacity for soda differentiation will be consistently strong," hypothesized the study's lead investigators, "but will not be borne out by empirical trials. In layman's terms, everyone is full of crap." Oh shut up. Who can't tell this blindfolded? Coke tastes like Coke and Pepsi tastes like Pepsi. Duh.

Nine study participants were served five samples each, poured at random according to a coin flip. The best anyone did was Gabe Miller, who got four out of five correct. Three others got three out of four (though one of them put question marks after every answer, indicating low confidence.)

My favourite aspect of this, aside from the super serious scientificky formatting and language of the whole thing, is this particular observation

"[N]o participant incorrectly guessed every cup's contents. This result would correlate with the ability to effectively distinguish between the products, despite an ability to correctly assign differentiated tastes, which would have been evidence in opposition to the hypothesis. That is to say, a participant who incorrectly guessed every single cup's contents would still have consistently identified a difference between the two products."

Coke vs Pepsi vs Humans at Double Fine [Double Fine]


    It isn't really hard to tell the difference between coke and pepsi.

    Pepsi is sweeter, creamier and rounder. Coke is sharper and more citrus-y.

      Yup this + what Owen said :P

    I remember performing this test in a Marketing class for a Business degree. Unfortunately for the lecturer, he selected a cluster of IT students who were doing double-degrees. Coke, Pepsi, LA Ice, AC Cola... all were correctly identified by the cola afficionados.

    Saying that Pepsi and Coke taste the same is like saying all Merlots taste the same. Sure, most folks aren't going to be able to tell much beyond, "This one tastes a little different to the other one," but there are some wine snobs out there who will tell you the country and the fucking year.

    How is this newsworthy? Why should I care?

      lol, yet you felt the need to comment?

      "This article is a total waste of my time, so I intent to take more time to make a negative comment, that'll learn those fools!"

    I remember reading that in these tests part of the problem becomes drinking cola after cola after cola which dulls the tastebuds, without something to neutralise the taste in the mouth. A good way to do this apparently is to give each contestant a small drink of milk between each drink. Then you'll have noone guessing incorrectly. Or at least, only people who never drink either...

    Well that's it, I'm never buying another Double Fine game again.

    When I drink them, knowing what I drink, I can taste a definite difference. Straight Coke is syrupy and tart, while Pepsi is a little smoother as has been mentioned. However, Coke Vanilla tastes a lot like Pepsi and Coke Zero tastes very similar to Pepsi Max so blindfolded those would be a little harder to pick. Now, to prove you're a real connoisseur, try to pick which coke came from a can, a plastic bottle, a glass bottle and a syrup/soda water mix. To me, they each have slightly different tastes but I don't think I'd pass a blindfold test.

      I don't understand these people who say they taste the same. And hell yeah, massive difference between plastic bottle, aluminium can and glass bottle. If it's cans, I'll choose Pepsi but if it's a glass bottle Coca Cola wins it. Plastic bottles are just best avoided.

        Yeah it tastes different when drinking from a coconut too!

    Who can't tell the difference? They taste completely different! I don't like the sweetness of pepsi, plus I always feel bloated after drinking it. Coke though tastes a lot dryer and dare I sound like a soft drink connoseur, a lot more refined.

    I don't drink them very often at all...when I do drink soft drink it is usually Traditional Lemonade, Solo, or Lift.

    Even still I can tell the difference, Coke tastes good, Pepsi tastes like arse...!

    Coke Zero tastes like drinking a carbonated overcooked steak.

    Coke tastes like drinking molasses with bubbles.

    Diet coke is like flavourless coke.

    Pepsi tastes like sugar.

    LA ice maxi tastes like a headache in a glass of economic downfall.

    Pepsi max tastes like ambrosia.

      Dr Pepper though, tastes like heaven in a cup :D

        You are so correct it's ridiculous
        Dr Pepper fraternity FTW

    Although they certainly taste different, its actually exceedingly difficult to discern colas if there is more than two cups. People are good at picking cola from another, but really bad at saying "these two are X, and this one is Y." I can't remember the exact reason for this, but its well known in psychology and food tech.

    The few people who can consistently discern colas in the more complex taste test fall into a small subgroup of individuals with super taste. They actually make a lot of money as professional taste testers.

    If you don't believe this, try it at a party. Give a few people 3 unmarked cups, two with coke and one with pepsi, and see if the they can tell you which two are the cokes. Then get them to do it again and again. I assure you, they won't do better than chance.

    I will allow this much: Shit Coke (for example the one coming from old dispensers that haven't been cleaned in a while, or it's warm or lost its fizz) is very hard to differentiate from Pepsi :)

    Who cares RC Cola is better than either anyway

    The comparison is largely redundant. The kosher Coca Cola that Coke distributes around Jewish Holidays is the only one that's worth a damn because it uses cane sugar instead of that disgusting high fructose corn syrup.

    Any other time of the year you're better off throwing down the extra dollar or so for a Phoenix Cola or drinking coffee like a real man.

      Phoenix is amazing, although sadly lacking in caffeine.

      In America maybe, but most (if not all) soft-drinks in Australia are made using cane sugar...

        Yep. All Aussie softdrinks do, it's why you can suddenly get an 'odd' tasting coke. That's coke that's been imported. Has a very different taste to it.

          Their lids are slightly shallower, too. It's very disconcerting. First time I unknowingly tasted cheap imported coke, I thought it had gone off.

    Seriously, who gives a poo.

    *poo = the same colour as Pepsi and Coke...

    Amazing article! Absolute scoop of the year!

    Pepsi vs Coke is pointless, because we all know vanilla coke wins.

    What does it matter? Dr. Pepper is better than both of them.

    And L.A Ice is better than them all.

    My 9th grade social sciences class had a Coke/Pepsi Blind test on the last day of school for the y ear. We were blindfolded, given cups to drink, water to wash out the taste. I had 10 sips, and I got it right every time. So did most soft-drink drinkers in my grade.

    I can tell the difference between Coke and Pepsi. I've done the tests.

    Pepsi tastes like flat coke.

    Kids, I hope you learned today's lesson ---> drink water

    Coke has less sugar hence less sweeter, can in the back says it has 44g of sugar guestimate
    Pepsi has more sugar 66g worth from memoery

    Dr Pepper does in fact rule them all. Hell even Dr Pepper Zero which you can get in the UK, haven't seen it out here yet, sits as the right hand man to King Pepper.

    However, easiest way to tell the difference between Pepsi n Coke is the size of the bubbles. Coke has bigger bubbles than Pepsi, check it out for yourself. I just need to beat my addiction to Pepsi Max now, its out of control...

      Coles supermarket stocks it for something like $1.70 for a single can. Imported from the UK apparently.

      Love Dr Pepper Zero!
      At least 2 cans a day

    dr pepper is like all the yanks going 'wheres your cherry cola....... ewww yuck what is this vegimite crap?'

    The simple fact stands, in australia they've tried to launch dr pepper here 6 times, its that foul
    its only sold in boutique outlets because not enough people buy it.

    in SA the highest selling non alcoholic drinks are farmers union ice coffee and pepsi max.

    Coke only outsells pepsi max in bogan areas

      Oh man Farmers Union, such good products.

      "Pepsi Max only outsells Coke in bogan areas"

      FTFY. You provided the hearsay evidence.

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