Time Traveling Dance Central 3 Gets An October Release Date And Vanilla Ice

Time Traveling Dance Central 3 Gets An October Release Date And Vanilla Ice

The motion tracking dance game that made Kinect seem so interesting turns three-games-old this fall, as Harmonix announces an October 16 release date for Dance Central 3, the only game to combine “Ice, Ice Baby”, the Macarena and time travel.

At this point I might pick up Dance Central 3 just to ironically listen to its soundtrack in the background while I work. The October 16 release date announcement (October 19 in Europe) for the body rhythm game comes with a handful of newly announced tracks, many of which already have me humming and tapping my foot despite myself.

Just look at these:

  • 2NE1 — “I Am The Best (Original Version)”
  • Alice Deejay — “Better Off Alone”
  • Backstreet Boys — “Everybody (Backstreet’s Back)”
  • J.J. Fad — “Supersonic”
  • Lil Jon & The East Side Boyz ft. Ying Yang Twins — “Get Low”
  • LMFAO — “Sexy And I Know It”
  • Los Del Rio — “Macarena (Bayside Boys Mix)”
  • Maroon 5 ft. Christina Aguilera — “Moves Like Jagger”
  • Vanilla Ice — “Ice Ice Baby”
  • Vicki Sue Robinson — “Turn The Beat Around”
  • Village People — “Y.M.C.A.”

If I could dance, these would be the songs I’d dance to.

The release date announcement also comes with a new developer diary showing off Harmonix’s tattoos. I love you, Harmonix. When Kotaku eventually fires me for gross incompetence, I shall come work for you. I have the tats.


  • I swear I will buy Dance Central 2 and 3 when I have more living room space for the Kinect to work properly.

    • hahaha yeah, I’ve noticed Harmonix staff are often almost painfully ‘hip’. Oh well, as long as they make good games!

  • 2NE1 — “I Am The Best (Original Version)”
    Just heard them announce this on the radio too.

    I probably will buy it just for that.

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