Ubisoft's Free-To-Play Plans Might Include Might & Magic

Another registration points to Heroes of Might & Magic as a potential free-to-play online game. Ubisoft has said it plans to reveal new free-to-play titles in August. It filed for mightandmagicheroesonline.com on Friday. Domain watchdawg Fusible has all the details.


    This F2P MMO market is getting very very over saturated :/

    Homm is strategy

    there are already two heores online games, another one really?

    give us another dark messiah title and I shall not poop on the graves of your employees ubi.

    My daughter age 6 likes one caelld Cooking Mama on the DS, and we also bought the Wii version. The gameplay consists of preparing various recipies. It lets you use the DS stylus or Wiimote to chop, dice, mix, or stir the ingredients. My 8 year old son also enjoys playing it, so I guess it can appeal to either gender, though it is more oriented towards girls. My daughter usually prefers the traditional girl games such as Nintendogs, Animal Crossing, or Harvest Moon on the DS, but she also enjoys strategy/management games like Zoo Tycoon or Virtual Villagers on the PC. I will wait and see what they say about the Imagine series when it releases in October.

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