Watch All The Amazing Evo 2012 Fighting Game Finales Right Here

We rounded up livestreams of the EVO fighting championships for you before it began this past weekend, but if you weren't around to watch and want a peek at the last battles and winners of the individual tournaments, you're in luck.

I've rounded them up for you down below. Enjoy! Oh, and don't blame my reuse of the adorable Chun-Li. I just couldn't help myself.

Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition Version 2012 — Infiltration

Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 — Filipino Champ

Mortal Kombat — KN.EMP|Perfect Legend

King of Fighters XIII — Mad KOF

Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown — Fuudo

Street Fighter x Tekken — Infiltration & Laugh

Soul Calibur V — Shining Decopon


    The SSFAE finals were a bit of a let down. Infiltration was just too good. Loved his match vs Daigo. Letting rip with a kara-demon was pretty amazing. Never get to see those in high level play.

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