Watch The New Trailer For The Ass-Kicking Halo 4 Live-Action Series

Here now, the first trailer for Halo 4: Forward Into Dawn, an upcoming, very ambitious live-action series based on the Halo universe.


    Looks pretty cool, I'll be checking it out,

    Yeah that looks freaking awesome!!

    In the future, only handsome boys and cute girls become cadets.....

    This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted.

      I only liked ODST...

      Just you

        No I think its Halo, ive played 3 of them and they are all just boring generic alien shooters.

          Different people, different tastes.

          I bet you are enjoying uncharted though... Despite it being boobless tomb raider

    Wow, that's actually made me pretty excited for Halo 4, and I've never paid much attention to the story...


    "Dude! That pill just hit me!!!"

    More Chief, less teenagers!

    the acting seems decent, the props and special effects also look nice, but somehow it screams like a generic military film to me.

    Why haven't they cast Steve Downes for Chiefs voice?

      Ummmm yes it is.. Noob

    halo sucks hype train whoo whoo

    Seeing Master Chief for the first time on screen makes me surprisingly happy - like when I first saw a Transformer on the big screen...

    Let's hope it doesn't turn out the same way.

      With a username like yours I wouldn't say anything mate, I'm guessing you wanna see megaton as a little pistol don't dare insult the transformers

    the man said play it again please, so i did.

    Looks like they're going for Halo: Hunger Games. Too much teenage angst, not enough Master Chief!

    Was a pretty decent trailer. Only complaint I have is Chiefs Armor looks like it was made by matel.

      Hahaha orrr the Japanese guys that made the anime, worst looking chief ever

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