Welcome To The Jungle, Medal Of Honor: Warfighter Multiplayer

What could possibly be more exciting than a new multiplayer trailer for EA's Medal of Honor: Warfighter? Look at those explosions! Check out that air strike! Did you see that bridge crumbling? Let me catch my breath.


This multiplayer footage takes place on the Tungawan Jungle map, situated along the Philippine Coast. You can tell because there are fronds. You never find fronds outside of a jungle. Maybe a botanical garden, but why would you fight a war in a botanical garden? That's for advanced warfighters.

Lovely, isn't it? No one's gonna be thinking about Call of Duty after seeing this.


    Kotaku, rather than talk about the game, lets do dry sarcasm instead.

      you finally get to play as SASR!!! (the Secret Air Service Regiment in Australia)

    Sensory overload that was, buy this I shall not.

    Looks alright, shooting and explosions, what else do you expect? No real need for the wankiness of this article. Is the multiplayer still being handled by Dice, or are they just using the frostbite engine?

      Yes frostbite engine is being used.
      Plus I thought this was a gaming news site, that gives un-biased opinions on all this gaming... Would rather see a technical analysis of a trailer than your poor sarcastic performance on a game that hasn't been released.

      And then they wonder why people visit more than one game news site, because half the time we don't get news.

      Dice are not doing the multiplayer this time round, but frostbite 2 is being used.

      Danger Close are doing the Mp (same mob that did the Mp side of MoH 2010) and yes they are using Frostbite engine.
      I only hope they do much better job with this MoH:WF, than the shite that was MP MoH 2010...

        Right, I never played that one, I thought that dice had developed the mp on that one. Not worth picking up even for cheap? For the single player I mean, I assume the mp would be barren by now.

          Oh for sure do pick it up, just make sure it is in the bargin bin though :) i found the Sp to be pretty good (Dice did do that one from memory) good graphics, excellent weapon/battle sound and a good story line. They did try to patch the crap out of the Mp but left it far too late, yer u would be lucky to find a server esp in Aus.

            Danger Close did the SP Dice handled the multi

            Cool, I always see it for cheap on zavvi etc, I'm such a sucker for cheap bargains to add to the pile of shame!

          i'd pick it up for cheap just to try it out, i liked it but the game had no longevity since the campaign was short and the multiplayer lasted one night for me then stoped

        Actually Danger Close are the new (old?) studio EA put together (renamed?) for future MoH games starting with MoH 2010, they did the single player (which was on UE3) for MoH 2010 while DICE helped them out with the multiplayer (using Frostbite 1.5, same engine as BC2).

        This time round Danger Close are doing both using Frostbite 2.

    Report games. Don't speckle shitty snide remarks throughout your writing.

    Explosions! from Michael Bay



    looks very similar to BF... so... no thanks

    that looks a lot like bad company 2 with better graphics..

    The map looks a lot like Laguna Presa on BC2, just with more dense foliage and water. i'd take it with the killstreaks, destruction is kept minimal if any at all. Whilst i'd much prefer a WWII game every 2 years to shuffle things up a bit on the Frostbite 2 engine, i'll wait it out to see how SP pans out with reviews

    I havent thought about a cod game since MW2

    Overbearing poorly disguised sarcasm, nerdrage and cosplay. Why do I bother coming to this website to read about video games.

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