Can’t Wait To Play Team Fortress 2’s Mann Vs. Machine Multiplayer? Tough.

Can’t Wait To Play Team Fortress 2’s Mann Vs. Machine Multiplayer? Tough.
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I’ve been seeing this screen a lot since downloading the Team Fortress 2 update yesterday, and I am not alone. With hour wait times, server connection issues and various other problems, Mann Vs. Machine co-op play is nearly unplayable.

I say nearly because you can still grab a group of friends and start your own server. I made one by myself and it started up fine. Then the robots came, and destroyed me.

But if I try to get into a community game server I get close to an hour wait. Obviously people are playing, but those people are not me, and they aren’t many of the irate inhabitants of the Team Fortress 2 Steam forums either.

In the forums players are also reporting long waits for the Mann Up servers, the premium $.99 per completed mission servers , indicating the wait starts small but goes on much longer than indicated. One user claimed to have been sitting at a 10 minute wait time for more than a half hour.

I can’t confirm this personally, however — when I tried to buy a ticket the store wouldn’t complete my purchase. Take my money already!

So far there’s not much from Valve on the matter. We’ve reached out to the company to see if we can get some sort of update on when everything will be running smoothly, and will update the post should we receive a response.

In the meantime, stick with your friends and you should (theoretically) be OK. If not, make yourself a sandwich and hope the connection doesn’t time out.


  • I managed to get on for a bit last night on one of the community servers, it was really quite enjoyable. All those bloody scout robots get a bit rough though

  • Uh, yeah, welsome to TF2 updates? Seriously whenever TF2 has major updates all hell breaks loose. It’s been this way since the first class update.

  • the biggest problem is that the community servers have setups like 32 players (when 6 is the max, and you go for the full set of rounds without switching), and bots (which players can’t replace yet, so you have servers with no people in them that are considered full due to having bots filling all the places).

    • I think you’re right, all of the servers were down except for Russia or something? My Premade had to result to co-op HL2 through Synergy. Good fun though.

    • Thanks for this. Updated Team Fortress 2 and played for the first time in a while and couldn’t remember how to get to the server lists, so I tried through the big buttons.
      Big mistake, I prefer the long list of servers which you can sort through manually.
      When I tried the matchmaking, I got a 52 minute waiting time. I assusmed it was bbecause everyone was trying to play, like all the other updates.

  • I got into a game no problems last night after about 5 minutes away, managed to join local server (In Melbourne) and got in to start playing straight away, fun modes, but only 3 maps in the process, You feel so bad to be backstabed by the spy bot.

  • Last night there was about 12000 people waiting at some point, left it open for an hour and finally got into a game, to find myself connected to a East Coast US server with a ping of 250-300. Not sure if really difficult, or impossible with lag.

  • I waited for about 40 minutes last night, then DC’d as soon as I got into a game. 2nd try has the same sort of wait, got put into a server with 250+ ping, which ground to a halt the moment robots spawned. It is unplayable.

    • Also on this, is everyone else that managed to get into a game experiencing slight server lag? Where the entire server has a slight lag when the bots spawn?

  • The matchmaking is horrible, but I played all 3 maps to completion using the server browser with minimal waiting; suggest others do the same.

  • Waited 11 mins just before, server timed out. Had to wait another 11mins, countdown reached zero and now it’s reset to 15mins. I guess I’m not gonna bother playing this until it gets sorted out somehow.

  • I ended up just renting a server for a month. It’s pretty cheap. I leave it running on public until I want to play, works out well 🙂

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