Team Fortress 2's Hats Just Turned It Up To Eleven

It's the third and final day of reveals for Team Fortress 2's big Mann vs Machine update, and Valve has saved the most important for last.

Well, most important if you're the kind of person who's still playing TF2. Because if you are, you probably enjoy hats.

The robot wars will include a game mode called Mann Up. Completing these maps (which can be linked together to form "tours of duty") gets you rare loot in the forms of attire and accessories for your characters. But to get onto those maps you have to pay.

Think of it as an amusement park ride. You pay $US0.99 for a ticket (this isn't part of the metaphor, it's actually what you pay and what you get), and that ticket is used to get on an official Valve Mann Up server. Once there, you're in line to get the rare loot.

Note that this is purely for cosmetic purposes; the Mann vs Machine game modes are free to play on any non-Mann Up server. And those who do pay are only getting superficial items, they won't be getting better perks or more powerful weapons

Still...this is a game whose entire economy is built around hats. Now that there are better and newer hats, making money shouldn't be a problem for Valve.

Mann Up [Valve]

Comments to play maps?

      Personally I think it is an extension of the stamps people could buy to support mapmakers, because they don't have the same revenue stream as the people that make hats and items.

      In a free to play game. A game where they do still want to see some profits.

      To get the cosmetic items, i'm okay with that.

    any1 else kind of annoyed at valave for 2 reasons
    1 - i dont know about the rest of australia, but in WA i cant get any active TF2 games.
    2 - i paid for the game before it went f2p, but instead of getting all the fremium stuff for free, seeing as i already paid, all i got was some veteran medal or some shit.

      you do realize that those items were for sale BEFORE the game went f2p? AND, that all those items together (even back then) added up to WAAAAAAAAAAAAY more than whatever you payed for it (even if you bought it on release)

        You paid for a smaller game with less content.

          I agree - I'd prefer them to keep the community alive by inviting more players, and updating it more, rather than leaving the game to wither and die and bringing out another paid game in its place.

      Yeah, it's pretty disappointing for us retail/Orange Box purchasers. We got a 'proof of purchase' hat, and that's about it. Not happy about being forced to pay to get more fremium content, so I won't... think it would be better if they offered a cheap way for a subscription to all the upcoming content (and make it free for those who've actually payed for the game in 2007!)

        you do know that stuff still drops in-game right? Also, you can craft the items you don't need into other things.

        Hey, I -like- my Proof of Purchase!

      I couldn't join any games either because they've just gone live and it seems like they are absolutely getting smashed. What did you expect to get once the game went f2p? I paid for the game too and I'm incredibly happy with every step of TF2's evolution.

        i dont know, i was hoping i could play the game. Something like LOL is f2p, and it takes 40 seconds to get a game, and you ALWAYS get a game.So I'm not sure the f2p thing is relevant. Trying to get a working game in tf2 can sometimes be as dodgy as trying to get a game in Dayz.

          I have never ever had a problem getting into a game. What problems do you have?

            if i choose a game mode and let it pick a server for me it dumps me in empty server. If i bring up a server list they are all listed as "0 ms" - are not real servers that are actually running.

              Sounds like you should adjust your filters then. I've been able to get a game when I want easily.

              that sounds more like it's your own fault. Either your filters are wrong or your connection is crap. I'm also in WA and I have no problems finding servers

                My filters are "has players" and "is not full". Connection is adsl2, everything else runs fine.

                WA for me too, never had any problem finding a game.

    Optional cosmetic items?
    Yeah okay I can live with that :)

    I dont play for hats, i play for fun (even though i have a plethra of hats ....)

    Maybe now they can get on to making Half Life 3. Get on it Valve!

      I am sure Valve don't dedicate their entire staff to just TF2, I would like to think they have divisions for Steam, TF2, Half-Life, Left 4 Dead 1/2, Portal 1/2 etc.

        They don't. Their people move from game to game based on what they personally feel is the best way to spend their time. Their company is set up with minimal management, and while obviously some people will take a managing role for certain projects, I believe no actual full-time managers.

    You guys are aware that by purchasing the game you helped support a game that you enjoy and the developers that produced it.
    Valve give back in constant FREE updates and content.

      Jonny's right.

      TF2 is awesome. after the 2000 hours I put into it, I kinda think they deserve to be paid.

    Dear people who don't want to pay:

    Please don't pay. Don't ever buy those maps.

    It makes it easier for me to know which maps to play on.

    The whole furor is retarded, honestly. People are shitting bricks over OH MY GOD VALVE MADE PAY TO PLAY SERVERS.
    This is correct! They did do exactly that. However:
    a) you can play the same content on free servers!
    b) if someone buys to play on these servers, the most they'll get is some cosmetic items.
    c) there's no pay to win going on at all (this is a seemingly common complaint in other places)
    With those three things in mind, I can't see any reason to complain about the update, except two:
    d) it's been all day and I still haven't managed to download anything from GameArena's servers
    e) it seems very unlikely that Australia will even get an official Mann Up server.

      A friend made his own server and I got to play on that. It is a lot of fun! I look forward to doing more.

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