Team Fortress 2 Now Has Community-Made Taunts

Team Fortress 2 Now Has Community-Made Taunts

Short of allowing full-blown modding, Valve has made Team Fortress 2 about as open as it can, with the community able to submit weapons, hats and other in-game paraphernalia for potential inclusion into the official game. Now, Valve is accepting user-made taunts too, so you’ll soon have new ways to flip your opponents off.

The details are outlined briefly in a post on the TF2 website and along with the ability for players to craft their own taunts, a few have already been made available via the Mann Co store: “Most Wanted”, “The Killer Solo” and “The Boston Breakdance”. You can see these taunts in action in the video clip above.

While hats and weapons (to a lesser degree) are mostly static affairs, taunts will appeal to those with solid animation skills… and a flair for the unusual, I imagine.

Valve has added a section to its TF2 Workshop FAQ explaining how taunts can be made and submitted. Probably the most important bits are that taunts can be no longer than 10 seconds, with the recommended length being three to five. Valve has also supplied files for 3D modelling program Maya, if that happens to be your animating tool of choice.

As with other community-made TF2 content, if your taunt is selected and added to the game, it’ll be listed on the Mann Co store and you’ll get a cut of the proceeds it makes.

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