Commander Shepard's $350 Action Figure Looks Lonely Without Tiny Plastic Space Hamsters

Sideshow Collectibles will next year be releasing a $US350 action figure based on Mass Effect's Commander Shepard. The default male Shepard, in case you hadn't somehow already seen the image up top (or the glimpse we caught of him at this year's Comic-Con).

It's one of the company's line of "Premium Format" figures, one of which I took a damn close look at a few weeks back. In short: they're usually very, very nice figures.

Standing 19" tall, you can pre-order it now, but he won't be shipping until March 2013.

Commander Shepard [Sideshow]


    If hot toys made it with the Normandy i'd buy it

    what happened to Shepard, she looks all wrong.

    I'm glad they didn't pander to the minority and make the female Shepard.


      +1, the femsheps are definitely in the minority, but I think are also the more vocal. Just like climate change deniers (trololol)

      12 points to go js!

    I still put my pre-order in but was disappointed that the overwhelming response they got from Comic-Con was "That looks amazing!... except the pose and base look really stupid" and they didn't address either in the slightest.

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