Dark Souls On PC Looks Like Complete S**t (But There's A Fix)

I thought I was ready for it, as ready as I was to smash my keyboard into pieces within the first day's play, but nothing could have prepared me for just how hideous the PC version of Dark Souls really is.

While the game's menu will trick you into thinking the game runs at your desktop's native resolution (somehow while in windowed mode), it's a lie. The game will only run at 1024x720, which for a PC game developed after the year 1997 is nuts!

I mean, I appreciate how honest From Software were with this, basically saying they had little idea what the hell they were doing on the PC, but still. This is some awful stuff. Even if From were clueless about PC development, you'd have thought somebody at publishers Namco Bandai could have helped out. The work experience kid, maybe.

Especially when you consider that, only a few hours after the game went up for sale on Steam, NeoGAF user Durante had made available an update which could run the game at a higher resolution.

It's not a perfect fix, as it's a work-in-progress and carries with it a range of caveats and cautionary notes, but it works well enough, as you can see in the comparison above. You can grab it below.

IMPORTANT NOTE: All the disappointment and bitching you'll see over the game's visuals are just that. Bitching over visuals. The game itself - the important part - is all there and, from what I've played of it, works just fine, whether using a controller or a mouse + keyboard.

Presented below are some screens I took at the game's regular resolution. Those with sensitive dispositions have been warned.

Dark Souls internal rendering resolution fix (DSfix) [NeoGAF]


    At least they tried I guess...

      What irritates me is those people that said "I know it's got GFWL and I know it's going to be a shitty port because the devs thought it would be a piece of cake, but I'll support them anyway because they listened to us and they didn't have to do it"... I saw several comments like this... It's not OK to pass off a shitty port as "At least they tried I guess"... screw that, if you're going to the effort to port from console exclusive to the PC at least have the decency to not screw it up.

        Personally when I'm not physically capable of doing something instead of admitting I can't do it, I just do it instead. See how much sense that makes?

        I think what people like is the fact they were transparent compared to other developers. So many PC ports are almost as bad as this but until they're released you get press release after press release about how good the PC port will be.

          So a releasing a game with no prior PC release education like this with a minor resolution problem that was fixed in a number of hours compared to say, Darksiders 2, Skyrim, Fallout 3 and numerous other games that have been released by well educated large game companies. I have not experienced one crash so far, Its always online, GFWL with its hero help system its makes more sense than say Arkham City.

        Give them a break dude. It was their first attempt at something like this. They were going to get some things wrong, and making a mistake with the resolution is a relatively minor one that is easily fixable, that indeed already has been at least partially fixed, is forgivable under the circumstances. Now they know for next time.

        Personally I'm just pissed that it was a damn console exclusive in the first bleedin place

    They should get some volunteers in for a weekend to make a patch using their code. I'm sure lots of people would be willing to help out :p

    saw it today in EB - $69...for this?

    OK, I will probably get flamed for this, but the complaining about Dark Souls is really annoying me. I know Luke has said at the end there that it's a fine game behind the visuals, but he is also plainly coming from a recent tradition of complaining about the graphics.

    Clearly it would have been nice if From Software had improved the game for the PC port. But they didn't. They simply made the PS3/Xbox 360 game available on the PC, exactly as is.

    The level of complaining about this is extraordinary.

      I'm just glad it made it to PC, If I were to complain about this title it would be GFWL over the graphics.

      Cant you give the first 2 comments credit for not being whines? :D

        This comment thread is making me look a bit silly. Hey guys, why you being so civil?

        Kidding; this is awesome.

      Perhaps if they weren't charging for a RRP for this. But they are, and it is inexcusable. If they aren't up to the task then they can give it to a slew of companies whose job it is to make PC ports of console games.

      Of course, whinging is meaningless. So I will vote with my wallet, I was very very keen to pick this up but after this I will pass.

      It's $70. And the PS3 version goes for $30-$50. If this was a discount game, sure, but it's not. It's one of the most expensive games on Steam.


        I think you're comparing overseas vs Australian prices or perhaps new-release vs last-year release prices. When Dark Souls came out on console it was around $90 new here and around $60 overseas.

        This PC version is $50 in the US, and $70 here.

          It isn't a new release, it makes sense to charge for that IF it was a quality port. But this is not a quality port. Why defend it? I am not criticising it as a game, I really would like to find out how good it is, but I won't because devs can't charge top shelf for an inferior product. Simple as that.

            It's exactly same game as on console. Sounds like a pure port to me. I think your beef is they didn't improve it.

              It's got extra content in it which you need to pay extra to get on console.

          Yeah, I imported mine for $60.

          Looks like the PC copy is $45 on Ozgameshop, but the PS3/360 ones are $27. Sadly, it seems like they're trying to rip off Australians, like EA or Activision.

            Just to point out, it's published by Namco Bandai, not the developers, NB have always been as bad if not worse at implementing Australia markups. From Software are for the most part some of the nicest devs out there.

          I thought it was actually $40 in the US, but yes, same point, our price is Australia tax, not what it's actually being sold for in more reasonable places.

        Alan Wake was a $30 game when ported from 360 to PC and many claim it to be far superior to the original 360 version... That is mature game porting done right.

          It is a superior port no doubt. And released at an excellent price. Yep, can't argue with that one!

          It's also the exception and not the rule. Yes that sucks, no I'm not defending bad ports, but this is hardly unusual.

        now it's not, that honour goes to games like Modern Warfare still at the $100... I was glad it wasn't full price

      Then again, this does look pretty nice, which is apparently after the community "fix" has been applied: http://i.minus.com/iBQgYYc24StuX.png


        Then again then again, Dark Souls always looked a bit ugly in screenshot but looked beautiful when running.

      The way I see it as an outsider (who rarely plays or buys PC games). The PC community saw a game they liked the look of on the consoles, petitioned to bring it to their platform and From Software, wanting to do a favour for their fans (a truly rare and commendable thing in this industry), ported it.

      Even though they had very limited PC game development experience and even though it cost them a significant amount to do, they did it to make you all happy and because you gave the strong impression that you would pay for their efforts.

      Now the game has graphical issues, it's suddenly a great betrayal of your trust and thus severed the verbal agreement to support what they have done for you?

      As someone who obsesses over games' graphics and art direction, I can truly say that Dark Souls was NEVER about the graphics. They are awful on PS3 and Xbox 360 too.

      You can choose not to buy this game, you can chose to pirate it, you can complain loudly, but it'll be shooting yourselves in the foot. Other developers are watching to see how this plays out and From Software are too. Next time, you can bet they will probably just not bother, because PC gamers are chronically just more trouble than they are worth.

      And the reason why this game is RRP is because it is a new game ON PC. Simple as that. We don't complain when a game previously out in Japan is released in English speaking countries at full price, why should we complain about this? The game was just as unavailable to you as the japanese games were to us before they were re-released here in English.

      This is why you can't have nice things.

        You will never please the ridiculously fickle PC crowd, no matter what you do. Its proven time and time again.

          There is no pleasing some people.

          This is true. In the case of Alan Wake, certain people literally made up a mouse-control issue. The developers, bless them, shook their heads and released a patch that gave the ability for the controls to be made worse so this phantom issue would go away.

          How many people are really complaining though? It's not like the vocal minority speaks for all of the PC gamers out there.

          Hear, hear, Alex.. PC gamers really shit me with their elitist attitudes. So it's not perfect? Are it's graphics not good enough? How about its gameplay? They're the equivalent of guys who judge girls solely on their appearance without bothering to have a conversation.
          Looks aren't everything.

        Came to post the exact thing, so you saved me time from writing it out again :P

        I also like to add the fact that many gamers are acting like spoilt brats (from recent memory, the past year especially), who keep telling devs to do X or become more like Y in their next game, or they'll threaten to boycott it. Ever since the global financial crisis, the gaming industry has taken a massive blow with the amount of layoffs, mergers and closures, i mean look at what's happen in the past week. I look at what From Software and NB did as a favour for the fans who wanted it to come on pc despite piracy fears and figures that are thrown around. Now for so called 'fans' to show support for it to come out, only to to turn their back on them because it isn't graphically good enough for their standards is just plain selfish. At the end of the day FS and NB spent time and money to deliver something you wanted, and by refusing to buy it after you requesting it, it's time and money lost, and then what?
        Some guy whos career was to make games for the community ends, all because a kind deed goes unnoticed.

    thank god i only paid $32 for this (on PC)

    $70 got you collectors edition at that so i see it as a good deal. Only thing i found stupid was the fact that it was sold on the 23rd of August though you can;t access it today.

    Or yall could just buy a console?


    All the talk reminds me how much fun I had with the PS3 version.. screw that regional markup though. I'll be playing on the PS3 'till the next major Steam sale smooths out that offensive little wrinkle.

    The community asked for a PC port. They had no interest in trying to do a PC port. They were happy with just the 360 and PS3 sales. It's safer for piracy and what not. They didn't HAVE to do this, but the fans asked and they tried.

    I know people are unhappy with it and I can understand why. You paid good money for a game equal to the console. It's just they said they have no idea how to do this and that the only reason they were was for the fans. Now you know that the graphics aren't up to par, so here's my advice. If that bothers you, then don't buy it. If you don't have either consoles and this is your only opinion to play the game, then get it. It doesn't crash or have anything different from the console. It just looks meh. People are already coding to make it better, just have faith in the community.

    I personally have never played this game. I have the first one. I just never got around to it. These guys try their best to support their fans. Like when they didn't turn off the PS3 servers for the first game. They didn't have to leave them on. Same for this port. So again, if you have a console and aren't happy with the quality of the port, then get it on your console. If you can't and you want to play it, get it on the PC. Graphics are cool and all, but it's the experience. But it is your money so do what you please, but please be educated on the matter and don't flame to flame. Speak with your wallets, not with your stupidity.

    From Software are a terrible company! Instead of improved graphics for the PC port they only gave us hours worth of free DLC...that is completely unacceptable.

    This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted.

    This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted.

      That's the stupidest shit I've ever heard. There is no us and them, am I the only person who owns both consoles and a pc and plays games on both? Am I an abhorrent monster that should be purged with sword and flame?

      Seriously get the FUCK over pc vs console it's the most insanely stupid topic. What you've just typed makes your opinions completely irrelevant and paints you as the moron you actually are.

        Ha! Got 'im! / 'er! Nice, Salt!

          Ty Stu :) Easier than I thought mate.

            Got caught by a troll? You're a real superstar.

              Now, now don't be angry. You must admit it 'was' pretty obvious, unless you're the type that get's mad pretty quickly.

        PC master race my arse. The true master race is the guy who has it all indeed.

    Luke actually talking about a game for once... that I wasn't ready for.

      He does it every once in a while to keep us guessing.

    This was my biggest burns ever! Worst port ever! And I used to complain about Capcom ports!!! My god! Underneath all of this, there seems to be a semi-decent (but super hyped none-the-less) game but these layers are so fiddlesome!
    I hate GFWL! GO FRIGGEN DIE IN THE CORNER!!! I wish the physical copy also used Steam!

    And the resolution debacle! My god, the horrible FPS...Gameplay vs gfx, sure, but there is no excuse for a half arsed job...oh wait, gameplay doesn't work either because the keyboard and mouse set up is fucked and if you have PS2 gamepad then the controls are still so stupid!

    If you're the kind of person who complains about "s**t" visuals then Dark Souls isn't the game for you.

    Love it - this game is the best game i've played in a long time. I've been playing using the resolution patch and i've been enjoying it way too much. Much better than the disappointment Diablo 3 was / continues to be... Fuck that game

    I wanted this game for an extremly long time (i have only ever played and owned games on a pc all my life)

    and boy oh boy i was the happiest guy in the world when i found out it was really truly comming to my pc

    and you know what, fuck graphics, games are ment to be fun FUN. and god dam this game is a ton of fun. I love them for trying, and hey the got it running on my little box and thats more the good enough for me

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