Months After Realising Hackers Could Use Dark Souls To Control Your PC, From Software Has A Restoration Update

Months After Realising Hackers Could Use Dark Souls To Control Your PC, From Software Has A Restoration Update

From Software has finally given an update around the ongoing outage affecting Dark Souls‘ PC servers.

PC servers for all three Dark Souls games were abruptly shut down in January after it emerged some players were using a Remote Code Execution hack. This kind of hack could compromise player PCs, granting the hackers access to, and control over, those machines. Though the vulnerability was only discovered in Dark Souls 3, From and publisher Bandai Namco obviously felt it would be prudent to shut down servers for all three games in the series as a precaution.

Speaking to PC Gamer over the weekend, From says a security fix is on the way.

“We are currently in the process of restoring the online servers for the Dark Souls series on PC,” said FromSoft in an email to PC Gamer. “We plan to restore online service for each game progressively, bringing back servers for Dark Souls 3 once we complete the necessary work to correct the problem.

“We will provide additional updates as soon as the restoration schedule is finalised. We want to thank all our players for your patience and understanding as we work to fix this issue.”

There’s currently no timeline for restoration, though, after four months without live servers, it is good to know From is onto the problem. The reference to bringing the games back online “progressively” suggests From’s intention was to restore each game in numerical order, but it then mentions Dark Souls 3 specifically. It would make sense for Dark Souls 3 to be the priority here. As the most recent game in the Souls series, it has a much higher PC player count than its predecessors.

Regardless of the order, it’s just good to know that From and Bandai Namco are moving on the problem. Though you can still play all three games offline, hopefully, it won’t be long before all three games are back online.

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