First Look At New Prince Of Persia Reboot?

This image is reportedly our first look at a brand new Prince of Persia game. It was posted by a user on Ubisoft's official forums, and down the bottom you can see the term POP_ZERO_2.

Is it real? Who knows, we're asking. Is it interesting? You bet. If it is real, that's not just a black Prince, it looks to be have at least part of the game set somewhere closer to Egypt than the series' traditional Persian stomping grounds, going by the clothing on that crowd.

"Prince of Persia Zero" was the codename for an aborted attempt by Ubisoft a few years back to do something radical with the franchise.

While there are strong signs this really could be from an in-development build of the game — the crowd is "floating", the visuals are pretty rough and they all appear to be looking straight ahead... at his junk — I also shouldn't need to tell you how easy it is to fake something like this.

Still, because it's so interesting, here it is. We'll update if we hear back from Ubisoft.

UPDATE: Check out these pics posted on NeoGAF back in May. From what can be made out of the silhouetted man's outfit and the those of the crowd behind him, it certainly looks similar to the image up top.

Sequel to Prince of Persia 2008 (v-4) [Ubisoft]


    No doubt he'll do parkour... and be linked by tech to someone in the present... and there will be yearly sequels....


    I await the Purple Rain soundtrack.

      You know, some folks might hate the idea but I wouldn't mind seeing a Prince of Persia/Assassin's Creed connection. :P

        Nah, AC and PoP should remain seperate entities. To be honest, the gameplay style would fit rather wonderfully, but PoP lends itself to a world of magic. Not going by the remakes but by the original PC ones from the 80s with the skeleton guards etc.

        Then again that looks like ancient egypt and not the middle east? So who knows what they're going for? Bring it on anyhow.

          Good point, probably better off as something seperate like Watch Dogs.

            That being said though I do like the idea of the past present connection enough to not do away with it lol. An alternate idea for AC with magic involved? Who knows eh.

              Fruits of Eden...? AC already has magic lol.

                Except those are pieces of technology made by a civilisation that came before us.

                  A civilisation that used ultra tech. Including time travel. And the ability to clone oneself instantly. And to turn people into mindless zombies.

                  So.... what's the difference between this and magic..?

        I think I ultimately decided I didn't need a Prince of Persia game this gen the second I set foot in an Assassin's Tomb

    Was Prince of Persia Zero the one where you protect the prince as a kid? I remember reading something about that a while back. (I thought it sounded awesome.)

      That game evolved into the first Assassins Creed

    Prince of Persia is up there with my favourite franchises ever. So yeah, I''m pretty hype if this turns out to be a new PoP game :)

    good way to start a monday.

    Here's to hoping the new version stars Will Smith and is titled The Fresh Prince of Persia.

    Note the 'DX11' in the bottom text too - so that is either a PC build or destined for a next-gen console... But it looks like it's running on the AnvilNext engine so it's prob just the PC version.

    another pop. dont we have so many titles called prince of persia*

      already plus their reboots over the years. unless they r preparing for the ps4.... sorry i presssubmit too early.

    But Prince of Persia 2008 was so good! I love that game! It needs a sequel :(

      Yep, this...

      Very sad that we will likely never see a sequel to that game, so that story arc will forever remain unfinished.

      Yeah. I love the originals but I think the 2008 was probably the most fun Prince of Persia game I've played so far.

    I am down for this...if that is an image of the main guy it's a nice shift from a lean build to a bulkier bold. Maybe they will focus more on combat?

    I'll be up for it as long as the combat is improved. Going back to even Twin Thrones is painful when you're used to free flowing combat systems like the one in the Batman games.

    I'm sick of free running games. Uncharted did it great, Ass Creed was just too much in the end. Hope this game goes back to basics, with some new excellent combat.

    huh Similar art style to AC maybe its on Anvil engine and will feature similar mechanics to AC

    Guess the remake from a couple of years ago wasn't received well enough to get a sequel. Too bad, it had promise, and the ending was pretty rad if totally unearned - a little character development throughout the game really wouldn't have hurt.

      Agreed, but it was still prob my fav POP yet, and it was so damn PRETTY!

    Urgh, I really hate what they've been doing with Prince of Persia. First game was great, second was great as well, but due to the closeminded and negative feedback from fans they tried recreating the first game in the third game, which held it back somewhat. Then they rebooted the series into something unique, but dropped it due to some whiny complaint about the game not being Prince of Persia 1. Then they created a midquel game between 1 and 2 to make it like the first game, AGAIN. Now they're rebooting it AGAIN and will probably be trying to design the game like the first Sands of Time game. AGAIN.

    Oh look at all that brown and grey remember when sands of time had colour?

    This looks like a great re-boot. Nice to see a change in leading character as well. This could lead to a better narrative when introducing the player to the world; being a north african character in what seems like the OP said is either Egypt or somewhere near there in the fertile crescent., which would be mostly populated by middle eastern cultures and peoples. These few images make me more excited for this than AC3, which still smacks of idiotic jingoism and daftness.

    I hope PoP doesn't adopt the modern links of the AC games, it detracts from the games for me to be honest. Just give me a great 3rd person actions game, with a strong smattering of historical sense and realism and chuck in mythology and all sorts of creativity to liven it up!

    This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted.

    This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted.

    Running at 13fps and locked at 30... typical Ubisoft.


    Bah, we need Sands Of Time HD!
    (If a trilogy, the sequels need fixes though.)

    i dont know about this game but , at the ending of prince of persia 2008 prince and elika survived and Ahriman fully released that means the game continues so first its better they finish POP 2008

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