Here's 16 Minutes Of The Next Game By The Makers Of Pokemon

Curious about Rhythm Hunter: HarmoKnight, the newest game from the people who make Pokemon? Here's some gameplay footage, taken from the 3DS demo. Check it out.

HarmoKnight, by the way, is out in September 5 in Japan. No word on a Western release yet, but I've asked Nintendo for more details.



    Definitely Mario inspired - does look like a fair bit of fun,although I cant see it selling for the full price of a 3DS game when it's got about as much content as a flash game.

    Wow a rhytem game that looks hard. I'm sold

    Show me a Pokemon MMO backed by Nintendo and I will through my money at you.

    This is essentially Bit.Trip.Runner

    So, this looks a lot like Bit-Trip Runner with a Mario look....

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