It's A Video Game Controller! It's A Keytar! It's… Pianocade!

Well this is pretty much unlike anything I've seen before. There are a lot of different video game controllers that are musical in nature, but I've never seen one that so weirdly combines MIDI controls with video buttons and a joystick.

But that's what Portmanteau Devices' "Pianocade" device does. All I know is that if I saw a DJ using one of these, I would be OK with that.


    "Well this is pretty much unlike anything I’ve seen before"

    Not even a video game controller or a keytar?

    Great, just what I need, a portable way to play bad 80's video game electronically generated sounds.

    While the tech was interesting, the sound was unbelievably bad. Seriously if I wanted to hear that I'd go and play my Intellivision.

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