Look At This Sneaky Bastard In Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

First things first: headphone users beware. Video spoilers.

Granted, this guy probably should have known to check that nifty little camp spot. And nobody likes campers anyway. But it's still pretty hilarious that he got caught with his pants down, so to speak.

How to shit your pants in CS:GO [YouTube via Reddit]


    Hold on, isn't the objective for the bloke crouching to defend the hostages? And the CT bloke's job to check his corners? Who's the 'sneaky bastard' here? All I see is 11 seconds of basic objective-orientated gameplay...

      Ah, time to crack out some good old 2002 Penny Arcade. Because it seems like people have fucking forgotten the point already. Either that, or (disturbingly more common these days) they weren't BORN YET.

    Ahhh good ol italy maps, its been 12 years and people still camp the same spot lol

      HAHHAHAA thats exactly what i was thinking

    Is it just me or is there a significant lack of substantial news articles on this site?

    Seems like the editors have a daily quota of articles to post so they just find random little things like 'some guy plays Counter-Strike' or 'check out this weeks obscure GTA mod'.

    Sure there are interesting, funny and newsworthy articles amongst the heap but it does take a lot of sifting through.

      I haven't seen enough of Tina's articles to make a judgement, but Luke Plunkett and Brian Ashcraft in particular are well known for 'wank' articles, articles that are essentially just fillers of useless information. It really drags down the whole quality of the website, as there are occasionaly some good articles in here (mostly from the Kotaku AU team)

    This happens in literally every game of cs_italy. Surely this website should have some kind of quality control to make sure "articles" like these aren't published.

    Wow, articles covering 11sec videos of shit people have seen playing CS a million times before.

    This is why I don't feel bad about using an adblocker, so I don't have the shame of supporting crap like this.

    Pfft, boring.

    I've lost 10 good years to this game (most nights a week since Beta). Hence I am too scared to install this new version for fear of losing more years...

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