Matt Preston From Masterchef Will Judge Your Video Game Related Cooking

You watch Masterchef. Someone brings out another innovative dish, let's say a Lamb Roast decked out with post modern Asian flavours. Matt Preston fluffs his cravat, informs the contestant that said dish has 'taken him on a journey'. Welcome to every episode of Masterchef. Ever. Sometime I just wonder — what if someone brought out Birthday cake with Mario on it? Or Sushi that looks like an Angry Bird? Well, this is what Game Masters has planned...

At first I thought it was crazy, then I thought it might just be a stroke of genius. It's called GAME MASTERS SUPER CHEF!

I'll allow the guys and girls from Game Masters to explain in their own words...

Game Masters Super Chef Just like Pac Man, gamers need to eat. Your task is to create a games-inspired dish, savoury or sweet, that will entice a hungry gamer. This competition is all about food styling so, while we want you to eat your creation, we want it to look sensational. Don’t forget to take a photo of your creation before you devour it as your entry is judged by the food we see in the photo you submit.

ACMI are thrilled to announce that Matt Preston, food critic, co-host and judge on Masters Super Chef Australia, will be judging the competition.

Contestants under the age of 16 should enter Junior Game Masters Super Chef.

The winner of each category (both junior and senior) will receive a Game Masters prize pack and there are great prizes for the runners up in each category.

A bonus prize will go to the winner of the Audience Award for each of Game Masters Super Chef and Junior Game Masters Super Chef, judged by ACMI’s Facebook fans. The winner of each category will be determined by number of ‘likes’ for the image on the ACMI Facebook gallery.

Is the real life? Is this actually happening.

Apparently it is. Please let this be as awesome as I think it'll be.


    Link, sir? I wish to enter this.!/events/game-masterchef-junior-game-masterchef-competition/large/

      Good luck

        Thank you! I shall mention you in my acceptance speech when I win!

    Master Chef: Kitchen Evolved, starring Matt Preston as John Halo.

    Matt Preston wants to eat more food? what a surprise

    There isn't really anything stopping a gamer from entering the Masterchef competition and creating game inspired food.

    Well, beyond the ability to cook food.

      Now this sir would be awesome a mario shaped crock of bush

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