Minecraft Timelapse Reveals Slow-Motion Destruction

Reader Dino Rhymestyle put this lovely video together the other day, using the Xbox 360 version of Minecraft, some capture gear and the relentless passage of time.

Setting up a lava drip, he captures the slow, inevitable destruction of a house and surrounding countryside. It's beautiful. Partly because the game's music suits scenes like this so damn well.


    This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted.

      Damn. Looks like he's onto the secret system to post articles designed to make the idiots like him get lost and go somewhere else with their bullshit.

      I know, dude! I come to Kotaku for my sexism discussions, japanese cosplay and comics and they give me a post related to a /videogame/????? Preposterous.

    As long a Minecraft exists on the Xbox 360... it'll always be shit. The reason is the poor quality hardware that which struggles to make Minecraft anywhere near it's PC counterpart. Microsoft should of released the 720 this holiday, instead they're waiting an extra year. By then, more & more people will be moving over to PC, which brings up the question..... why should they get a console when there's PC + Steam?

      because not everyone is a pc zealot like you are. I prefer consoles, dedicated hardware, not having to upgrade every 6 months just because of some AAA game release that has some new obscure rendering technology to make things ultra realistic. Some people don't care about things looking ultra-realistic and prefer things like story/plot/interesting game play.

      I have both copies and they have their advantages, while the PC version is obviously a better and more complete game. The Xbox version is great when you have a few people round and want to just dick around for a while. Just hitting start on another controller and you're in. I've spend probably an equal amount of time on each and have a blast.

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