No One Gets Excited About Console News

1999 seemed like a much more exciting time for console news, at least according to the comedians at Mega64. Wireless controllers, backwards compatibility... these were once fascinating new features. Have consoles reached their peak? Can they really not please us anymore? What about the Ouya?

Mega64: New Consoles, Then and Now [YouTube]


    That computer in the thumbnail, I had one of those.
    Hated it.

    Stop calling the Ouya a console and I say there's nothing for people to be displeased with. Besides the drought of real stuff which has left normal people lusting over a silly little android tablet in a box. But when real 8th Gen console news is a foot. I think people can still get excited. If you disagree, give it a year and you'll know what I mean.

      Your comment is asinine, people are displeased with the current gen of consoles and the developers shitty business practices. In fact the Ouya is seen by many as a small beacon of hope by many, in an industry so restrictive and self serving. To claim that Ouya is somehow a cause for displeasure is idiotic.

      People are not lusting over the Ouya because it is going to be a staple for the next gen, they are looking forward to it because of how open ended it is.

    Ouya is just an android tablet without a screen. Plug your tablet into the tv with hdmi and use a bluetooth controller on the tablet. Same dif, i don't get the excitement.

    People don't get excited anymore because all the cool stuff is just ignored and called a gimmick in favour of more graphics.

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