Playing Again, As Sam, In Splinter Cell: Blacklist

Splinter Cell: Blacklist is next year's update of the venerable Tom Clancy series from Ubisoft, promising new weapons and classic method, if not the classic Sam Fisher voice actor. Nonetheless, you can catch 12 minutes slam full of gameplay in this annotated developer video.

Using the "killing-in-motion" bullet-time feature, watch Sam cut like a hot knife through the buttery defence offered a camp full of pistol-packing goons. Naturally, the dobermans pose more of an existential threat. But that means you get to watch him perform an execution move on a canine. Looks kind of Assassin's Creed-y when you do it hanging from a ledge.


    Is it just me or does the machine fire from the drone seem a little weak?

    Yeah I agree Kizaru, that was weak as.
    Also, it would be better if the AI acted more human. When he is behind the sandbags for example and he is seen all they do is keep shooting when really what you'd be do (if you were the enemy) is flank from the sides or just lob a grenade or something.
    I'd like to see that sort of gameplay. Maybe that'd happen on the realistic difficulty?

    So they didn't want Ironside because of the obvious but they wanted this guy to do his best Ironside impressions? Geez...

    Those are some pretty sweet graphics.

    Do miss Ironside though

    I wonder if there will be missions where you're not allowed to kill enemies

    Sam Fisher reminds me of Benjamin Button. The older he gets the younger he looks.

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