PlayStation Plus Members Can Now Shoot Things In The Dust 514 Closed Beta

PlayStation Plus Members Can Now Shoot Things In The Dust 514 Closed Beta
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For those who didn’t purchase access earlier, or get their names drawn from CCP’s hat after signing up on the web, there’s one last way to guarantee access to the Dust 514 closed beta. But it, too, will cost you some cash.

From now through September 4, PlayStation Plus members can all jump in to the closed beta. Subscribers who would like to see just what this PS3/PC crossover business is all about can have a peek for the next two weeks. The current beta update includes the “first live DUST/EVE Online integration” as well as updates to environments, matchmaking and keyboard/mouse support, so it may be a good time to go look.

There are also a bunch of new screenshots of people shooting things and each other, and things blowing up excitingly. The screenshots are designed to “highlight the destruction vehicles can cause on the battlefield.” They certainly do look dangerous.


  • I used to be excited for this game but now it just looks so grey, dull and all the designs look so generic “insert FPS shooter brand here”.

    • When you play it and get into how it works none of that stuff matters also forest, lava and other planet maps next year also heaps of free dlc so give it ago maybe next year when the game really builds up with maps with vibrant colours

  • Does anybody know how we in Australia can access this? There’s a link on the PSN for the beta, but it’s back in July. Any help would be gratefully accepted.

    • I got my name pulled out of a hat, If you want in do as the article says and either get PS+ or buy a DUST514 Mercenary pack off the PSN store, from memory it’s $20 and gives you full beta access, some ingame items and some of that sweet P2W monies.

  • I have PS+ and downloaded the game, verified my email and I still couldnt get in. I kept getting a message saying:

    “you do not currently have access to the closed beta. Either your voucher has expired or it’s validity period has not yet begun. To get full access go to [email protected] and buy the mercenary pack. Press the PS button to quit.”

    So I buy the pack thinking I needed that as well as PS+ which now I know is not the case so wasted 15 bucks. BUT……STILL get the same message!

    really annoyed!

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