Square Enix Outs The World Ends With You As An iOS Game

Numerous Japanese sites are speculating that The World Ends with You is iOS bound. Earlier today, Square Enix revealed that the game was an iOS title on its online store page for the soundtrack page. The iOS notice has since been removed from the soundtrack page, while the countdown site soldiers on. Thrilling.

『すばらしきこのせかい』2012年iOS版でリリース決定!? [まとめいと]


    if the IOS port is the only announcement... then way to overhype something squeenix...

    That timer made my week, if it's iOS only, it'll ruin my year. 3DS PLEASE!!!

      Complete inverse for me! What with owning iOS devices but no 3DS.

        I would rather just no remake. Or at least a remake swiftly followed by a sequel/new game.

      the 3ds remake wouldn't really work because one screen is smaller than the other. would be weird. also you can already play ds games on the 3ds.
      I would prefer a sequel on the 3ds to a remake

    Man, if this is all that's coming out of the countdown, my little brother is going to be so p**sed!

    Well, it's not like a sequel would work. The game was incredibly self contained, there wasn't any sequel bait or anything.

    Considering the game was full of twists, a sequel would be kind of redundant considering it answered all of them.

    It's Squeenix. Which means it'll be $15+ on the App Store. They have some of the most out-of-touch prices for their software like $6-7 for "Final Fantasy Calendar" (Bunch of hi-res JPGs to use as wallpapers).

      Ohohoh. So naive. $15? More like $30.

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