Thank Your God The SNES Didn't Actually Look This Hideous

The North American Super Nintendo looked...OK. The Japanese and PAL version looked hot. Oh, how things could have turned out differently, had early concept art become reality.

These two early designs for the SNES, drawn at a time when they were still calling the machine the "Nintendo Entertainment System 2", were hideous. Where the final designs were almost timeless, these are very much products of the late 1980s.

They appeared in the June 1991 issue of Nintendo Power. Presumably in a story called "the hellish hardware of the future we mercifully avoided".

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    Just think, if one of these were released, we'd probably be claiming the other designs as bizarre or hideous

    I think they look far cooler than what they ended up with.

    First one reminds me of the balance board.

    The second looks like a deformed PC Engine.

    I like that bottom one... a lot.

    I take it these were concepts for the US system, given the purple accents?

    Hi Kotaku,

    When writing an article such as this, and you reference "what two other things look like", can you please include a couple of photos of what we did wind up with?

    I mean, I'm pretty sure I know what the US one looks like, but I'm coming here to kill time on your site, not coming here to get inspired for Google Image searches.


      You need someone to wipe your arse for you too?

    Those controller ports on the bottom pic remind me of the GameCube!

      It's not a matter of readers being lazy. It's a matter of the author writing a proper article with all the information that SHOULD be presented.

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