This Dubstep Music Video Rips Off Every Third Person Action Game Ever

I'm going to say something, and please don't judge me. I do not hate Dubstep. I actually sometimes find myself enjoying it. I can't decide if that's because I actually enjoy it, or I'm desperately trying to stay relevant in my early 30s. Who knows. What I do know, however, is this Dubstep music video pretty much rips off every third person video game ever! And it looks really, really cool.



Thanks Jarrod!


    Each to their own but I will take some Amon Amarth over Dubstep any day of the week. Not a fan one bit and do not enjoy its sudden over use in gaming trailers.

      It's like Helvetica. Add it to any work (or trailer), and BAM, instant awesome with minimal effort.

        I don't know. It's always felt more like a Comic Sans to me. Everyone always uses it to make their comic (Which is like an animation) and it doesn't always fit the medium.

    I'm more wondering why so many people are so keen to hate on DubStep. Sure enough, you don't have to like it, but everyone seems so eager to bag it. Even people who listen to "real" dubstep hate on popular Dubstep. Is it just because it's a fad that's exploded? Maybe it's just one of those things that people hate because all of a sudden everyone loves it?

    Frankly, I think we all know the reason why Dubstep has suddenly become as popular as it has.... it's because it sounds like Transformers bumping uglies.

      I dunno, It's weird. I think usually people are thinking of something specific when they say they hate it, like they hear Skrillex and make the incorrect assumption all dubstep is like that.

      What I find more bizarre is that dubstep has become so popular. I primarily listen to electronica (DnB, trance, breaks, glitch, etc) and of all the things to take to the mainstream really well its rather brosteppy dubstep that has stuck.

        I don't like it because it's like rap. You take music and ruin it. With rap it's doing some repetitive bards in between other peoples songs. With dub step it's an awful wub wub between other people's songs. It's just awful. I really can't imagine why anyone likes it.

    Is the clip worth watching with the sound down? Otherwise i'll pass thanks.
    I'm 37 and have obviously made the transistion to grumpy old bastard because i seriously hate so much of the music released now days.

    Gotta go, i'm off to buy some Werther's.

    Damn kids and their 'noise'.

      I'm only 29 and I'm not fond of dubstep either.

      I've also gone back and started listening to my older albums so it's been about a year since I last listened to any album published after 2005.

      Ain't nothing wrong with Werther's! I have a whole bag of them sitting next to me on my desk.

    Good dubstep is good.
    Unfortunately its one of those genre's where every dudebro with a Macbook thinks he can make some loud, obnoxious noises and call it music.

    Ah sweet, Kill The Noise. Cool, ridiculous video to go along with the tune.

    It's alright Mark I quite enjoy some dubstep too. There's a whole lot of different stuff out there though so I think most people are discounting a lot more than they actually know they are when they say they "hate dubstep."

    I like some dubstep..alot of it is boring and formulatic but theres a gem now and again

    "I can’t decide if that’s because I actually enjoy it, or I’m desperately trying to stay relevant in my early 30s."
    This x1000000

    You're welcome, Mark. I'm not a huge dubstep fan myself, although I have to admit that chiptunes + dubstep is turning my head. But I don't think you need to love dubstep to enjoy this clip. It just reminded me of some of the awesome fight scenes in Sucker Punch, which in turn looked like amazing scenes that you'd find in computer games.

    To all the others that hate dubstep, well, you can certainly watch the clip with the music down. It's kinda like an 80s sci-fi action flick where zombies invade the realm of Tron. So those who like retro should get a bit of a kick out of it too.

    And one guy has a boom box that's also a bazooka. A bazooka! That he shoots zombies with at point blank range.

    Mike Diva makes awesome videos. If you dig this, check out his video for Mindless Self Indulgence's song "Mark David Chapman". Awesome song from an awesome band, and another Mike Diva video with some gaming influences to spice it up.

    looks like it would make a rad film, I would watch the shit out of it

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