This New Far Cry 3 Video Features The Best Tiger Attacks Yet

Man, I still don't know if I'll like Far Cry 3 as much as I like Far Cry 2, but if there's one thing Ubisoft's marketing campaign has convinced me of, it's that the tiger attacks will be delightful.


    So the gave the chick clothes now?

      No wait, never mind

    Man, this really does look like the best shooter this year. Such many goodies!

    Far Cry 2 was awful.

      You misspelled Awesome.

        Far Cry 2 wasn't awful, but it wasn't awesome (except for that first hour after you got the flamethrower). The repetitiveness got to me after about 8-9 hours in

    Hell yea, like Just Cause 2 but more interactive, hopefully less bad accents... maybe.

      Bolo Santosi's horrific voice talent was one of the greatest things about JC2 :D

      "oh yay, bolo again - say something stupidly!" :D

    So long as enemies don't respawn at every crossroad after I take 4 steps away from it, it's an improvement.

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