Watch The Fable: The Journey Team Tell A Story About Telling The Story

The dev team at Lionhead Studios have shared a behind-the-scenes look at the story of their upcoming Kinect title Fable: The Journey. While early demonstrations of the game didn't go very well, by this year's E3 Kotaku's own Stephen Totilo found the demo to be a good experience.

If you want to try a demo for yourself before the game's October 9 launch, Microsoft promises there will be a demo on Xbox LIVE on September 17.


    Fable 3 was shit, but Fable - The Journey will be amazing!

    Not falling for it this time...

    Agreed. I was pretty let down by Fable 3, it's all so shiny and cool looking, but like an unwanted present, once you get the wrapping off you're left wondering why your aunt bought you a Mr. Potato Head.

    I don't really want ot have anything to do with Lionhead's games anymore. They over promise, over hype and under deliver.

    I didn't really have a problem with Fable 3, did some things I liked and was interesting. I'll check out this game as well.

    kinect? forget it... rather use a cheese grater on my balls to control a game.

    Yeah, each fable has been a lame watered down version of the one before it. Every new one dumbs down the combat system of the one before it, while spending too much resources adding features to farting games and buying houses.

    Looks like its headed in a different direction than the previous games.. Colour me interested.

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