What Do Our Kids Think Of The Commodore 64?

I can't believe the Commodore 64 is 30 years old. Why won't you stand still time? Why must you move forward with such wild abandon! When I was a kid I had a Spectrum, which was technologically inferior. When I first saw the Commodore 64, I seethed with jealousy. This memory makes the above video all the more hilarious. The BBC captured the reaction of kids today to the Commodore 64. It's amazing.

I love the younger kids who just couldn't handle waiting for the games to load.


Ah, kids these days...

Commodore 64 turns 30: What do today's kids make of it? [BBC]


    Kids in 30 years time "What is a computer?" "I think its what people used before ubiquitous technology"
    It's a brave new world...

    Always loved the chip tune loading screens. It was part of the excitement!
    Never danced to them though. Maybe I should've. hah

      I just liked all the pretty colours.

        You Mad! I always thought I'd start having a fit if I'd look for to long :P

    Shame he only showed it with the tape player, though.

    Also I couldn't believe that the really young kids knew what a cassette was! lol

      yeah mine has the 5.25" disk drive as well. Loads heaps faster.

      I so have to get my joysticks repaired and run the C64 up again, so I can play that while waiting for a server in Day Z


    I loved that machine.

    aaah me River Raid. C64 was awesome back in the day. Had one in about 86 when I was a whole 5 years old. 2x 5 1/4 floppy drives, keyboard with cartridge slot and a tape drive. People complain about pirating these days, hell I was copying games from people when I was 8.

    I never owned a C64, but did own an Intellivision and later an Atari 7800. I had a mate that owned an Amiga though and a cousin that owned a Spectrum. Those were the shizz back then.

    My brother had one of these when I was a kid and we loved the heck out of it. It was so great, but a shame he made the mistake of selling it to a friend in High School.

    Many years on and I now own about 4 of these. 3 disk drives and 1 tape deck, and a whole slew of still-boxed games, as well as your usual loose disks. Got an AV cable too, easy to hook up to the TV and they still works great to this day, 30 years on. Some of the games are still incredibly fun to play.

      Bionic Commando was a shedload better on C64 than the piece of garbage that was recently released for console/PC ........ ;)
      AV cable was awesome, had mine hooked up to a 32cm colour TV back in the day, was huge!

    Autoplaying a video on a page (like above) is shit.

      Yeah same, I was on an different tab wondering where the hell the music was coming from! Thought it was an Ad.

    Man, I feel 10 years older after that. I remember waiting for Arkanoid to load for AGES, then if you went to the mouse selection, it would crash and you had to reload. Tape drive pain

    Oh man, the clicking joystick sound takes me back. Ouch, I just felt old

    Interesting that technology has now reached an age where genuine nostalgia can make certain people feel rather old.

    "Back in my day we had 64k of memory, and were were happy to have it!"

    Went through 3 C64s, 2 tape drives and 4 Disc drives in my youth. Flea markets were a great place to pick up bits and I still have all my original discs and the machine itself in storage.

    But I only have one game left on tape - New York City. I honestly think this was the first open world game you could lose youself in and make choices on what you did and when.

    Loved the C-64, even though I had an Master System (in the late 80's) I was still amazed with the whole set-up (and my C-64 owning friend was amazed at the Master System, as well). Bought one years later at one of those, dump recycling shops - all cables, disk drives and stacks of games on disk and tapes. Cost: $5! My favourite was always the redesigned grey model though - the bread box wasn't my style.

    Favourite game, Moon Patrol.

    Here's an cool link on the same subject; http://youtu.be/7v75QpvISUs

    *can't remember if Kotaku already posted it... check it out anyways.

    I dont think i can watch this, the subjet matter is painful ! Godspeed comodore 64 with 200 games on floppy discs my dad pirated, godspeed.

    Hehe, I've actually got 2 on these sitting 2m away from me in my back store room of my shop. I traded them in a month or so ago. There is about 200 games, 4 tape decks, 3 tape drives 2 extra power supplies. I had to call in another staff member in from his day off to test the C64 as I couldn't remember how to get it started....

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