While You Were Sleeping

Hey hey! I'm up I have my Pepsi Max by my side. It's time to collate news and describe it! This is While You Were Sleeping.

I have never finished Chrono Trigger. It was never officially released in the UK, where I grew up, and I got sidetracked roughly halfway through top notch DS port. I'm considering cutting my losses and watching this cool video — all of Chrono Trigger in five minutes.

If Gabe Newell and John Carmack think your thing is cool. It's cool. Even if that thing is virtual reality. Honestly, this gaming headset is pretty awesome, and I wonder if that's where both Gabe and John are thinking in terms of their 'wearable computer' stuff.

I've always wanted Morgan Freeman in toy form. Finally my wish has come true. Square Enix is working on a hardware free RPG, and do you think you'll be playing Grand Theft Auto V by April?

In Short Here's All Of Chrono Trigger In Five Minutes John Carmack And Gabe Newell Excited About This Virtual Reality Gaming Headset Why Some Smart People Think You'll Be Playing Grand Theft Auto V By April Square Enix Working On Hardware Free RPG Batman's Morgan Freeman And Catwoman Look Just As Good In A Game


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