While You Were Sleeping

Video game news happens, while you are awake or not. Sometimes more it happens when you're sleeping than awake. That's where we come in, giving you guys a run down of the stuff that goes down While You Were Sleeping.

Actually last night was a bit dead. To the point where a cat singing the Game of Thrones intro was actually a post. But look — I don't think anyone should feel any sense of shame on that front, because a cat singing the Game of Thrones intro may actually be one of the best things I've seen this morning so far.

This is big news — we will know the Wii U's launch date and price by September 13. Not sure whether that will include Australia, most likely not, but I'm pretty sure the console will be released here December 6 regardless. I'm more interested in the price.

This is a pretty little game trailer that's worth watching, and these are the cutest Pokemon in history. Finally — you can actually rent iPhone 5 parts. Anyone got $8000 I can borrow?

In Short We'll Know The Wii U's Launch Date And Price By September 13 Is It Possible To Make Pokemon More Adorable, More Beautiful A Cat Sings The Game Of Thrones Intro Rent iPhone 5 Parts Right Now For $8000 A Pretty Little Game Trailer To Finish Off Your Day


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