While You Were Sleeping

While you were sleeping... [sob]. I was awake. Watching Andy Murray losing another Grand Slam final. I don't know how much more of this my poor nerves can take. At least he won a set this time. Anyway — video game news!

Oh, lots of Halo news. I like Halo. Not everyone likes Halo, but I like it.

The first bit of Halo news is that a Halo 2 HD remake is said to be in development. I actually never played the first HD remake, so I'm not too sure if I'll bother with this, but interesting nonetheless. Wonder if they'll make a Halo 3 HD remake, since that game ran at 1152x640. Oh, sweet burn, Mark. Sweet burn.

Also, Halo 4 looks set to push the boundaries of the Forge map-making capabilities. Cool.

I haven't played DayZ yet, but everyone seems to be going bananas over that game. Apparently the creator has been pondering a free-to-play version. This is Game of Thrones with lightsabers and what do you think the next Xbox will be called?

In Short DayZ Creator Ponders Free-To-Play Version Halo 2 HD Remake Said To Be In Development Halo 4 Forges Ahead With New Capabilities For Making Maps Game Of Thrones Jaime Lannister And Eddard Stark Fight With Lightsabres Let's Name The Next Xbox


    Halo is a bit odd. I played Halo multiplayer in high school but never touched the campaign (didn't own an Xbox). Eventually, I played Halo 3 and Halo Reach campaign, beating both on Legendary in co-op. Halo 3 felt like it made little attempt to fill you in on the events of Halo 1 and 2. Which seems odd considering that it was on a new platform and there were going to be people like me playing it (not a big complaint, I didn't really care about the plot, it was more about seeing how long my friends and I could screw each other over before getting to the next checkpoint).

    Going back and playing Halo 1 and 2 might be a good way to fill in the gaps. A HD rerelease of Halo 2 might be enough to make me consider it. There's no way I'm playing it without some friends though.

    Lol. "Oh, sweet burn Mark. Sweet burn."
    I like a man who's able to see when he makes a good burn. Should send Bungie some burn cream. That'll really rustle their jimmies.

    My biggest problem with Murray is he's just not a winner.

      You're quite the talker of the bollocks. This time Murray didn't beat himself he played well throughout the match. Not beating Federer firing on all cylinders doesn't mean you're not a winner.

    Murray will get a Slam one day, he's getting closer. He's just unlucky because he's always playing players ranked higher than him in the final. Fed, Nadal and Djok all won their first Slams against lesser opponents.

      Nadal beat Fed on the way to his first slam. Also beat him the year after.

    I really enjoy the Halo campaigns. I'm hoping for a HD trilogy pack some day.

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