Your FarmVille Clicking Helped Buy Mark Pincus This $16m House

Mark Pincus, CEO of the currently embattled FarmVille-makers Zynga, hasn't let his company's legal and PR troubles stop him from purchasing a baller $US16 million pad in San Francisco's lovely and exclusive Pacific Heights neighbourhood.

These images come via Trulia, as shared by Forbes.

It isn't a 2300sqm palace like the one enjoyed by Xbox boss Don Mattrick, but then vast tracts of land are hard come by in SF proper. What the new Pincus estate lacks in square footage, it more than makes up for in gorgeous views of the Golden Gate Bridge and proximity to a variety of convenient MUNI lines.

Also, am I the only one who thinks those interiors look like a swanky pirate ship?

Despite A Zynga Stock Dive, CEO Mark Pincus Buys Big Mansion in San Francisco [Forbes via]


    Very pirate ship.

    The outside is hideous though.

    Wasn't expecting it though, somehow I was expecting him to be living on top of the gates to hell.

    So crime really does pay

    Judging by the photo i thought 16 million would get you more.

      eh, looks to be a 3-story with basement, gorgeous wooden interior and a nice view. It's big enough it could easily be a hotel. Shame about how horribly ugly it is on the outside. Even with all that it still seems like he payed at least three times too much for it. Can't help but think that the price tag includes everything he spent on furnishings and the like.

    $16 million for a dollhouse? In Pacific Heights?

    Yeah I expected more. This dude got ripped off.

    Thanks VILLE players. You helped this douche get rich. And continue to.

    Very nice and open, perfect for IRS repos to go through.

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