Black Mesa Is Actually Finished, Guys

Believe it or not - and I'd forgive you for not believing it, given the mod's torturous history - but this is reportedly a shot of notorious Half-Life remake Black Mesa. Like, its gold master disc. Meaning the thing is actually done.

Well, mostly done; as we told you last week, the mod won't quite contain the whole original game. But what's being included is on that disc, meaning a public release isn't far away.

The project has been selected as one of the first 10 games to be made available via Steam's Greenlight system.



    14 years later and we still don't have a third or final conclusion to the story.

      It's OK, Valve said that making them in episodes means that they can release more with a shorter developer time.

    Might hold out until it's the entire game. Someone's bound to mod this mod to include it eventually.

    Soooo keen to get this. I wonder how true it stays to the game. Will it be a legitimate replacement?

    As someone who never got around to playing the orginal half-life, I'm pretty excited about this.

      Sadly no longer as relevant as COD :(( just remember that it was literally a game changer.

        COD sucks.
        Half-Life forever!



    I applaud Valve for embracing a fan made remake rather than shutting it down!

    Still pumped for this, even after 7 years (or however long it's been).

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