Can Someone Tell Us What's Going On In This Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney Trailer?

I know roughly about 50 words of Japanese, so when I watched this cool (I'm presuming) trailer for Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney trailer, I was a little bit confused, but also happy. Does anyone have any idea what's going on.

The guy with the emerald eye looks like a bad guy, but maybe he isn't. At one point Luke screams out 'SENSEIIII' for some reason, and there's a whole heap of footage of Phoenix Wright stretched out on business class like a complete boss.

Still, I'm looking forward to this no matter what. Hopefully we'll get some sort of translation on this. And hopefully it'll actually get released in the West!

Thanks VG247


    I like the part where this looks like the greatest thing ever.

      Oh man, that Objection theme. My only concern is that there will be more layton puzzles than phoenix court shenanigans, but that's only a matter of preference.

        Nope, court is still in it. I'm hoping it's like Phoenix Wright, but the investigation scenes are layton puzzles instead of obtuse puzzles.

        November can't come any quicker. Pumped for this. 4 years of japanese study and it will finally pay off!

    this and Phoenix Wright 5 better get released in the West or all hell will break loose

      Good news then for you:

    Subbed version for you Mark!

    Basically this and the other TGS trailer are setting up for the story. Basically both Phoenix and Layton are visiting Labrynth City to take part in witch trials.

    OMFG this game looks gorgeous. Can't wait!!

    HNNGGG I can't wait! The more news I see about Ace Attorney, the more excited I get.

      Also AA5's trailer!

    OMG 29th of November 2012!!!!!!!!


    This game makes pointing epic!!!

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