Can You Spot All The Gaming References In Today's Expansive XKCD Comic?

Today's xkcd comic is... huge. Enormous. Seriously, the thing goes on for pages. It must have taken creator Randall Munroe forever to draw it all out.

But hidden in the huge map of the world as he sees it are a bunch of gaming references, like Mario up top. Or Oregon Trail below, which brings me back. Pokémon was probably a must. And I insist there's some, at least tiny BioShock reference in the pirate ship.

Hit the comic to explore on your own, or check out this awesome map version where you can zoom in and out. Let us know what hidden references you find!


    I personally was fond of the Hackers "pool of the roof" reference, but I'm probably the only person on the planet that likes that movie.

      Now we are two.

      What?! That movie was awesome!

    I though the Mario level was morse code till i had a better look, if you want to follow that hole DOWN... get a fresh cup of coffee...
    Also found a Jellyfish, Xwing...
    more astounding is the fact the images all add up to 13.2 Gigapixels.

    ...and of course there's a Minecraft reference ...down a mineshaft! ssssssssss

    Little Minecraft reference in the caves. Amazing picture, that was pretty awesome to look through.

    I think I just spent at least 15min exploring as much of that picture as I could.

    I'm fairly sure I saw everything, though only followed all the edges. Dunno if there was anything else floating out in solid black or white space, because I didn't look for it.

    Also this should come as a wall poster. Or a series thereof.

      Ha! Didn't see the map link. That makes things a whole lot easier. Or at least, would have.

      Oh well.

    needs a version cutting out the major ammounts of black/white space between interesting comics. Granted that takes the 'exploration' factor out...but damnit exploring a 12gb image is not in itself interesting!

      Lol... not 12 gb, 12 gigapixel. If you use the second link and zoom in and out it'll be easier for you. Except that using click-and-drag is the point of the comic. I found it really fun doing so, too, finding stuff all over the shop. Really well done

    Not sure if it's a Just Cause 2 reference ... but I find the guy surfing the jumbo jet.

    Found the whales, spent the next hour looking for a bowl of petunias... sadly, none were found. Was also disappointed that no holes ended in a worm on a jackhammer...

    Sexy ass? right there

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