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If this Community Kudos is short, I apologise. It's because I spent the last two hours playing Assassin's Creed III. [Puts on sunglasses]

You know what — I'm starting to get a real nice feeling everyone. Like everyone is back. Not that anyone ever left, but you're all back! I don't know what I'm talking about really, but you know what I mean!

Scree was in super quick this week. 12.43 on the Monday to be precise.

I would like to nominate you, Sir Serrels, for continuing to work like a trooper despite your illness.
Second I'd like to nominate Andrew Burdusel for his awesome article on how to make your own video game covers.

In my last year of digital art, my group decided to go all the way with our mod and make a cover and a design on the CD.
We handed it in looking like a professional game, rating and all.
The next semester, everyone else did it also =(

Thanks Scree! Just so you all know, I'm feeling a lot better now! I still have boogers, but much less of them. Scree also sent in a second nom for Blaghman, for helping her out with finding Adobe Creative Suite.

And speaking of Blaghman (what an awesome segue, I'm the best) he had some noms of his own.

Alright, so you ignored my noms last week, it's okay, I can forgive you for that(or, you know, I failed at sending them or something, anything's possible).

I can particularly forgive you since they were a complete cop-out.

This week though, as I attempt to emulate Iwata, I'll gear you up for some mega hype noms, and then disappoint when they're neither mega, nor particularly hype worthy. So:

F4ction, for being a gent, and gifting me FTL, which is "totes rad."

Ser Nobulus aka. Nob-frond aka. NooBHeadshoT, for giving me a copy of Borderlands 2 that he accidentally bought.

Sorry buddy — I forget noms every week. I am an idiot!

Shiggy actually sent a pretty serious nom this week, for his Potaku bro-in-arms Doc What. I won't say too much, lest I ruin the Shiggy aura, but he mentioned something about rubbing his beard.

He also emailed me later that week.

I nominate Pez for helping me convince my girlfriend we should eat Chinese for dinner.

That may be the best reason for a nom ever.

Let's play a game I like to call shotgun noms!

Pez I want to nom Greenius for being my BL2 buddy!

Shane Rocketman, for always being first in line with a kind word. This behaviour pattern is consistent and pretty much a TAY constant, week to week.

Cakesmith I have one for Faction for gifting me Natural Selection 2 after we started talking about it earlier today.

D.C. I'd like to nominate Sughly for releasing Anna's Quest. Truly a thing of beauty!

And speaking of Sughly (man, I am on fire with the segues...) he had some noms of his own.

Alright, I gotta get these noms in early or I'll forget and really hate myself because these guys and gals have been amazingly supportive of my game that came out this week. While there's been a huge amount of support from a lot of people in the TAY community, and as a result I really hate singling out people, but Shane, D.C., Powalen, and Jimu have just really gone the extra mile to help me out in publicizing it.

It's been a bit of an uphill struggle just trying to get the attention of people, and without these guys it would have been that much harder, so I owe them. A LOT. This is the best gesture of thanks that I can offer right now, but I offer it wholeheartedly. Thanks so so much guys, and to everyone who's supported me and helped promote it. You probably have no idea how much it's meant to me, but it really has meant a hell of a lot.

I hope it all goes well for you Sughly — you've made a pretty special game and you deserve all the success!

A really nice nom came in from Mawt.

Let me tell you about Ynefel. Whenever I tease, or troll, or try to bait him for a response - which turns out to be often, since most of what he likes is different to me; he's like some kind of Nega-Mawt - he takes it well, and doesn't get mad, and has a laugh himself, and then it becomes an actual conversation about video games and preferences and stuff. Cool stuff.

I agree with this nom. Ynefel is a pretty swell dude.

I also liked this nom because it's about me being awesome.

I’d like to do something a bit out of the ordinary today.
I’d like to nom you for Kudos this week.
Yes, that’s right, I’m nomming you Mr Serrels. I’m nomming you for your article on the Gamesmen.
I’ve been playing games since my neighbours Atari 2600 and sadly I’ve never heard of these courageous and fantastic people until today.
Your article brought to light one of the things I think I miss most about retail shopping. Passion. Having a passion for what your selling and passing that passion on to other people.
So, in closing, thank you Mark. Your article brought warmth to an otherwise cold Melbourne day.

That was from Splicer — thanks buddy. I'm glad you liked it. :)

Our final nom of the day comes, fittingly, from TheLastQuestion!

Just a couple of quick noms. Firstly every single person who offered their support in TAY when I was having a really rough day on Wednesday. You guys really, really helped me try and keep it together. Thank you <3

Also, Rocketman. He gets a nom because he reminded me we have a public holiday on Monday, so my Friday is already looking brighter.

I'm not allowed to nom, not really. But if I could, I would nom Rocketman for being funny on Twitter.

Okay. I think this week's winner has to be Rocketman. Such a massive spread of noms for different people! Make it easier for me... geez!

Have a great long weekend everyone!

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Disclaimer — I'm am really bad at sending stuff out, I have a list, I haven't forgotten, I'm totally getting round to it. Sorry everyone!

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    Caps means I'm super serious.

    Since I don't think it would be polite to simply type "Gay" into the field, and leave it at that, I think I'll add "Shut up Rocketman, don't let it get to your head."

    Congrats Rocketman.

    Tags - "Thrillho" Alrighty then.

    Rocketman!? Really?
    To each one's own, I guess.
    (Just kidding Rocket, you're a pretty neat fellow)


    Gratz Rocketmang!

    Grats HOTROSS!

    See, we do think you're funny and we do like you :). No need for doubt you hairless Italian manchild!

    Way to go, buddy! *instigates group hug, moves off without notice, watches the nice sight from a safe, contact free distance* :P

    You guys all rock!

      Thanks Sughly too. You're awesome, man. Just finished Borderlands about five minutes ago. Am all kinds of excited for my Anna's Quest occupied weekend! :D

    Awww yeah! Looks like Rocketman's blasting off again!

    That's a good thing, right?

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