Ferrets As Famous Video Game Characters. It's Way Better Than You Think.

Russian artist Amales has been featured here on Kotaku before. For her ferrets. But boy, in the time since, she's been busy.

Not only is she fleshing out the rest of the cast of the Mass Effect series, but she's also featuring other animorphic transformations like Diablo III's Monk and Dead Space's Isaac.

I know, I know, when it's described to you it sounds just awful, but these are actually damn good. They're like something from a badass, futuristic Wind in the Willows. I would play this.

Amales [DeviantArt, via Move Along Ma Chere]


    That is mega awesome. And way better than I thought it would be.

    I still hate ferrets.

      How can you hate ferrets? they're just furry little cylinders

    "animorphic transformations"

    Ok, unsure if meant to say anthropomorphic or just making 90s references.

    Ferrets are beautiful. And the artwork's pretty impressive :)


    if a developer ever does a near-future re-imagining of The Animals of Farthing Wood? Give this bird a job!!

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