LEGO Gandalf Actually Talks While Moving In LEGO Lord Of The Rings

LEGO Gandalf Actually Talks While Moving In LEGO Lord Of The Rings

The upcoming LEGO Lord of the Rings video game does, indeed, look to be absolutely adorable. But the Lord of the Rings films were more sweeping and epic than they were cute and cuddly. (Certain Hobbit and Shire moments aside, of course.) Can the game re-create that same sense?

The developers certainly seem to think so, and have shared a dev diary looking at how to take players on a journey across Middle-Earth in LEGO — complete with actual dialogue from the minifig characters. It looks less like this and more like the films with a LEGO skin on.

Will it all work out? We shall see in October.


  • It’s a double standard, we rip on COD for being the same thing over and over, but the LEGO games essentially get a free pass, they use the same formula over and over again.

    Trouble is, I don’t want them to change it up, love the LEGO games and as long as the same formula remains for this game then it’s +1 sale!

    • TellTale are a great developer, but the Lego license is really holding them back. This game looks fantastic in every respect, except the use of Lego – I would’ve bought it otherwise.

    • these games are also designed for children to play with parents, so the nature of the game has to remain fairly constant

      • The repetitiveness does get to me sometimes but I’ve been enjoying Lego batman 2 which I though was greatly improved by the addition of voice acting to allow a story beyond

        “good guy and bad guy scowl at each other —> sidekick character humorously knocks something over breaking it into little blocks —> a battle through seven waves of generic henchmen ensures”.

        My main gripe is still the hovercraft-instead-of-human controls but at least my daughter likes playing with me as a change from her Mario addiction.

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